Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 24, 2022

1 Slamdinistas Boy Girl
2 The Amplifier Heads Zombie Moon
3 Push Puppets October Surprise/Your Secret's Safe
4 Brad Marino Spy for the BBI /Rubber Room
5 Jim Basnight Last Night
6 Suzi Moon 99 Miles to Pasadena/Family Memories
7 Ryan and Pony Stop Making Sense
8 TJ Doyle (Let Your Light) Shine
9 The Cynz Narrow Hips
10 Chris Ianuzzi Edge of Earth
11 The Beths Expert In A Dying Field
12 Keeley Forever Where you are
13 Key of Caustic Pretty Little Suicide
14 Edward O’ Connell Edward O’ Connell
15 The Flashcubes Featuring The Paly Brothers Come Out And Play
16 Diablogato Jett Black Night
17 California f Les Fradkin Perfect World
19 Ali Comerford Cool Girl
20 Star Collector Game Day
21 Robbie Watson & 88 Acres Band Sundress
22 Ruby Moss Pretend (extended version)
23 Strangely Alright Not The End
24 The Penetrators Time Is Mine
25 The Morning Line Junebugs in April
26 Richard O’Brien Science Feature-Double Feature
27 Lannie Flowers Lost In A Daydream
28 Sam Scherdel Brave Mistake
29 Tearjerker Love Being Alone
30 Carissa Johnson Merrry Go Round
31 Lauren Glick Don't Add Up
32 Valorie Miller Not For Nothin
33 Arkells Past Life
34 Obscene Stealers Side Effects
35 The Accelerators Graveyard Love
36 CharliSoul Stripper Pole Dance
37 The Sound Station Wild One
39 Let's Go's Lonely Girl
40 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl (
41 Steve Pointmeier Even In A Bar
42 Copperhead Jones Can't Say No Eyes
43 Mo Dalis Music Keep It Rockin'
44 Blood Water Angels
45 Slackrr Holding On
46 Blaney Wallace
47 Ditsea Yella Done and Dusted
48 John Doherty Feel Alive
49 Escaper Open Sky
50 Murv Douglas Back In The Day
51 Cosmo Topper Pure Fast Vibration
52 The Hooten Hallers Cat Scrap
53 Reborn The War Within
54 Sunshine Riot Postal Trouble
55 The Jacklights Underachiever
56 The Creepy Crawlies Creepy Crawlies Theme
57 Dean Landew Keep It
58 Silversun Pickups Scared Together
59 The Metal Byrds Vicious Circle
60 Late Cambrian The Last Wave
61 Sarah Buckley Magic Powers
62 The Drool Brothers Attaboy Luther
63 Richard Ohrn Seal Your Move
64 Tall Poppy Syndrome Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)
65 Barista Billions
66 Bamil Boo Boo The Halloween Strut
67 Superseeders Custard Creams
68 Linneas Garden School
69 Ladytron City of Angels
70 Bart Crow Shot From The Heart
71 Ruin The Nite Sang To Me
72 Beasties Rock Opera Good Old Friend
73 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Welcome To Dystopia
74 Bob Burger Pain In The Ass
75 The Short Fuses Livin' Dead

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