Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 31, 2022

1 Push Puppets October Surprise/Your Secret's Safe
2 Brad Marino Rubber Room
3 The Amplifier Heads Zombie Moon
4 Suzi Moon 99 Miles to Pasadena
5 On Underdog
6 Slamdinistas Boy Girl
7 JIm Basnight Last Night
8 The Hellflowers Way You See
9 Tall Poppy Syndrome Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)
10 The Morning Line Junebugs in April
11 The Let's Go's Lonely Girl
12 Star Collector Game Day
13 Pixies Haunted House
14 The Jacklights Underachiever
15 David G Smith Jesse James
16 Ali Comerford Cool Girl
17 The Roughhousers Don't Roll Your Eyes At Me
19 Arctic Lights Belong
20 Ruin The Nite Sang To Me
21 The Cynz Narrow Hips
22 The Flashcubes Featuring The Paley Brothers Come Out And Play
23 Bamil Boo Boo The Halloween Strut
24 Dean Landew Keep It
25 Carissa Johnson Merry Go Round
26 Jesse Malin Keep On Burning
27 TJ Doyle (Let Your Light) Shine
28 Amanda Bourneuf Tant De Guerre
29 Betty's Nuklear Call Before You Ride
30 Rosy Finch Purgatorio
31 Jellyfox Best Home
32 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
33 Winachi Heaven in Hell A.
34 Paramore This Is Why
35 Mercede5 Scream Inside My House
36 Seasons Of The Wolf Rise Up
37 The Matthew Shane Band There Ain’t Nothin’
38 PRESS CLUB Untitled Wildlife
39 Clouds and Errors See You See Me
40 The Crom Silver Spoon
42 The Bellwether Syndicate Dystopian Mirror
43 The Silent Partners Love Affair With The Blues
44 Lauren Glick Don't Add Up
45 Sunshine Riot Postal Trouble
46 Blood Water Angels
47 Edouard Ferlet Reflex
48 The New Mutiny Patron Saint of Rats
50 Edward O'Connell Golden Light
51 The Drool Brothers Attaboy Luther
52 Hostile Within Wake Up
53 Arcade Fortress Alan Bell
54 The Delerium Trees Double Decker Bus
55 Alan Dreezer Music Butterfly
56 Doctor Explosion La Gente no sabe Gastar
57 Jesters of Destiny Luxifur
58 Breanna Faith Not To Do List
59 Jason Callear Fortunate Sons
60 The Routes Pocket Calculator
61 Dear Boy Marrying For Love
62 Robbie Watson & 88 Acres Band Sundress
63 Steve Lacy Bad Habit
64 Little Billy Lost Whiskey Pointe
65 Charlie Thomas Be My Rock
66 The Beatersband Nightmare On Elm Street
67 Pete Astor Undertaker
68 Klubber Lang The Sad Professor
69 Ruby Moss Pretend
70 The Beths Expert In A Dying Field
71 Steven Graves Don't Ever Stop
72 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Welcome To Dystopia
73 Outland Rather Be Dead
74 The Underclass Bad Dreams
75 Soft Nylon Spring Water

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