Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 17, 2022

1 The Hellflowers Way You See
2 The Cynz Narrow Hips
3 Push Puppets Your Secret’s Safe
4 Key of Caustic Pretty Little Suicide
5 Jeanines Latest Light
6 The Penetrators Time Is Mine
7 Strangely Alright Not The End
8 Doctor Explosion La Gente No Sabe Gastar
9 Tall Poppy Syndrome Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)
10 Cold Expectations Hey Compromise
11 Muck and the Mires Beat Revolution
12 The Drool Brothers Attaboy Luther
13 Escaper Open Sky
14 TJ Doyle Music (Let Your Light) Shine
15 Ryan and Pony Stop Making Sense
16 Rum Bar Records After School Special
17 Star Collector Game Day
19 Late Cambrian The Last Wave
20 Michael Botte Here We Go
21 Orbis 2.0 with Martin Holt & Tim Izzard Infatuated With Your Love
22 Broken Romeo Wait For Me
23 U.S. Girls So Typically Now
24 Andrea Gillis I Don’t Need You Anymore
25 The Faves Here Comes The Rain
26 The Let's Go's Lonely Girl
27 JATK Gas Station
28 The Orielles The Room
29 Reardon Love Supreme Heartache
30 Timothy Craig One Small Miracle
31 Helen Counts-Singer/Songwriter The Silence
32 Johnny Stumpf Crumbling Constellations
33 Chaotic Resemblance Passover Prophecy
34 Ade Wilding Not Ready For Your Love
35 The Other Fool Alone
36 Steve Aliment (Feat. Annie O'Neill) The Sweetness of You
37 The Hammond Brothers One Horse Town
38 Coastal Fire department Gouge away
39 Valorie Miller Not for Nothin
40 BlackSheepLad Homeland
41 Stepford Wives So Paranoid
42 Kanika It’s My Body
43 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
45 Little Billy Lost Whiskey Pointe
46 Angela Strehli Ace of Spades
47 More Kicks Terminal Love
48 Steven Graves Don't Ever Stop
49 Sean Findlay Cryptic
50 Slackrr Holding On
51 Bob Burger Pain In The Ass
52 California f Les Fradkin Perfect World
53 Lovebites Rule
54 Chris Ianuzzi Edge of Earth
55 Speedfossil Simple Simon
56 The Beths Expert In A Dying Field
57 Buzzcocks Senses Out of Control
58 Lannie Flowers Lost In A Daydream
59 Carissa Johnson Merry Go Round
60 Cafune Tek It
61 Tommy Ray Every Way I'm Moving
62 Sorels Make Me Party
63 Jessica Lynne Witty Over And Over Again
64 Danny Wilkerson Strawberry Sherry
65 Chris Diller Turquoise Wave
66 The Roughhousers Don’t Roll Your Eyes On Me
67 Beasties Rock Opera Good Old Friend
68 Jett Sett Blue Jeans
69 Jeff Malloy Why Don't You Love Me Back
70 Williams Brothers Tears Only Run One Way
71 Airport 77s One Good Thing About Summer
72 Hummingbird Syndicate Gracefully
73 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Welcome To Dystopia
74 Shane Cooley Music Dracula
75 Steve Pointmeier Even In A Bar

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