Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 10, 2022

1 The Penetrators Time Is Mine
2 Strangely Alright Not The End
3 Little Billy Lost Whiskey Pointe
4 JETT SETT Blue Jeans
5 Hummingbird Syndicate Gracefully
6 California f Les Fradkin Perfect World
7 Williams Brothers Tears Only Run One Way
8 Push Puppets Your Secret’s Safe
9 The Chickenbackers I Can't Make It
10 Go Dog Go One More Line
11 Escaper Open Sky
12 Cosmo Topper Just Say Know
13 Rum Bar Records After School Special
14 The Let's Go's Lonely Girl
15 Ryan and Pony Stop Making Sense
16 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Wolf
17 The Faves Here Comes The Rain
19 The Roughhousers Don't Roll Your Eyes At Me
20 Patrick James Band (ft Tayla Rees) Anyway
21 Edward O'Connell Golden Light
22 TJ Doyle (Let Your Light) Shine
23 Ken Nishikawa COVID-19 - 15th wave
24 Dear Boy Wet Clothes
25 Librarians With Hickeys Ghost Singer
26 Dawn Rix (ft.Billy Gaines) I Wanna Be Holding You
27 Jessica Lynne Witty Over And Over Again
28 The Hammond Brothers One Horse Town
29 Screeching Weasels Any Minute Now
30 Catia Dignard (page officielle) Lady Reef
31 Nuclear Angels Nukes and Angels
32 The Lost Trades Keep My Feet Dry
33 HOAX B?
34 Boy Golden A Little Space
35 Retrobox Soulless Bitch
36 Arielle Moire-Selvage Upside Down
37 BrianT & The Sinister Hearts All In The Game
38 Andy Lipinski Closing Time
39 Erica Mantone Way In The Dark
41 Laree Cisco Little Ghost
42 Blood Water Band Angels
43 The Cynz Narrow Hips
44 Bob Burger Pain In The Ass/Suicide King
45 David G Smith Jesse James
46 First Class + Coach Sure
47 We Demand Parachutes 29
48 Dogsflesh March Of The Damned
49 Space Hotel DYHAC
50 The Iveys I’ve Been There Once Before
51 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Welcome To Dystopia
52 Murv Douglas Back In The Day
53 Airport 77s One Good Thing About Summer
54 Northern Revelation Spread Yer Love
55 Youth Chairs Just Whispering
56 Neil & Adam Bright Light
57 Suburban Key Party Trading Glances
58 Peyton Gilliland Cookie Jar
59 The Walkdown Jane Doe
60 Speedfossil The Verge
61 Lovebites Rule
62 Walker Brigade Fallout
63 Carissa Johnson Merry Go Round
64 TOOTH MARKS Little White Lies
65 Dear Boy Swan Dives
66 The Jeanines Latest Light
67 Orbis 2.0 With Martin Holt & Tim Izzard Infatuated With Your Love
68 Jeff Malloy Why Don't You Love Me Back
69 Tommy Ray Every Way I’m Moving
70 Kiwi Jr Downtown Area Blues
71 Key Of Caustic Pretty Little Suicide
72 Dean Landew Keep It
73 Atomic Cry Like A Wolf’
74 Saving Darkness On My Side
75 The Orielles The Room

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