Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 21, 2022

1 Infamous Stiffs Get It Straight
2 Chris Ianuzzi Edge of Earth
3 The Late Starters False Victim
4 Dean Landew Music Keep It
5 GypsyMoths For All I Care
6 Thrift Store Halo Don't Have To Love You
7 Velvet Attack Sound of Tomorrow
8 Bobcat Thinking About the Last Time
9 Ryan Smith I'm Slipping
10 The Rumble Skulls Go With The Blues
11 Camens Concede To Worrying
12 Star Collector Game Day
13 Escaper Spaceship
14 The Amplifier Heads Underground
15 The Nervous Eaters Monsters + Angels
16 Mophing people I Don't Care
17 Tamar Berk Alone Tonight
19 Suburban Key Party Funhouse
20 Cold Expectations Hey Compromise
21 Ecks Men Friendly Fire
22 The National feat. Bon Iver Weird Goodbyes
23 Hummingbird Syndicate Memo From Mars
24 Eddie Japan Walk Away
25 Little Fuss Guardian Angel
26 Drama Dolls I Hate Your Face
27 Columbia Mills Heart Of A Nation
28 Silke Berlinn Ball and Chain
29 Alex Jeffrey music Kitchen Table
30 Sarah Buckley Dream Catching
31 Aine O Gorman These Empty Rooms
32 Mike Smalle f Cathal Coughlan & Jah Wobble Old Oak Road
33 Dielle Time Will Heal (One Girl, One Guitar)
35 Blood Water Angels
36 Samia Mad At Me
37 Dartz No Dogs At This Party
38 Cécile Delpoïo The Castle
39 Catia Dignard Rather
40 Benjiphonik Xanadu Hellfire
41 The Southern Gothic Talking In My Sleep
42 KING CUJO Down Here
43 Young Hasselhoffs Life Got In The Way
44 Sinister Grin Medicine 2.0
45 Whiffing the Peaches Kick Ass Woman
46 The Metal Byrds Final Note
47 Haest Someone Else Has Pissed My Jeans
48 Bruno Gallone Now That You're Gone
49 Bad Actors Secret Life
50 Ladytron Misery Remember Me
51 Pleasing Forms Burning a Hole in Solution
52 Charlie Thomas Be My Rock
53 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Wolf
54 Amy Darling Nashville Nights
55 The Mesos Deranged Driver
56 Jay Allen Be Mine Tonight
57 Dany Laj and The Looks I'm So Glad
58 Popular Creeps Window
59 Cronin Mad For You
60 Newtown Neurotics Liar Liar
61 (Red on Red Records) Stupidity The Murder of Love
62 Momma Brave
63 Death Cab for Cutie Pepper
64 Randy Klawon With Tommy Allen Little Miss Sunshine
65 Topographies Tied
66 Junkyard Heights Rusty Truck
67 Speedfossil Simple Simon
68 Robert Bushińsky Make It All What You Want It To Be
70 The Jacklights Womanchild
71 The Airport 77s Somebodies
72 The Hellflowers Way You See
73 The Roughhousers Princess Mike
74 Billy Brown Songs It's Been a Long Time
75 Elmo Weber Home of the Friend

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