Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 28, 2022

1 Push Puppets The Bane Of My Existence
2 Mophing People I Don't Care
3 Dean Landew Keep It
4 Hollywood Stars If It Wasn't For The Night
5 Young Hasselhoffs Life Got In The Way
6 Silke Berlinn Ball and Chain
7 Gypsy Moths For All I Care
8 Key of Caustic Watch It Burn
9 Slamdinistas Boy Girl
10 Prefab Messiahs The Ghost of Rock and Roll
11 Reverent Cavaliers In The Air Tonight
12 Elmo Weber Home of the Friend
13 ON Gator/Underdog
14 The Amplifier Heads Underground
15 Brad Marino Rubber Room
16 Junkyard Heights Rusty Truck
17 Star Collector Game Day
19 Charlie Thomas Be My Rock
20 The Metal Byrds Final Note
21 Randy Klawon & Tommy Allen Little Miss Sunshine
22 Aarythmers Never Stop
23 The Lunar Keys Once
24 Jesus Christ Supercar What Time?
25 Ryan Smith I'm Slipping
26 Mike Smalle feat Cathal Coughlan and Jah Wobble Old Oak Road
27 Aine O Gorman These Empty Rooms
28 Sarah Buckley Dream Catching
30 The Dirty English Snowmobile
31 The Resolve Satisfy
32 Isabelle Fries Music I Want You For You
33 Echoviolet Fear
34 Sons Of Atticus Sore Eyes
35 Saved By Skarlet The Syndrome
36 Theodis Ealey Brown Liquor
37 Dick Aven It's Something
38 Pandemix World War None
39 Timothy Craig Broken Branches
40 Tom Skinner Bishara
41 The Let's Go's Lonely Girl
42 Jay Allen & The Archcriminals Be Mine Tonight
43 Suburban Key Party Funhouse
44 The Matthew Shane Band There Ain’t Nothin’
46 Bobcat Smoke and Mirrors
47 Infamous Stiffs Get It Straight
48 California f Les Fradkin Christmas Vacation
49 Lisa Mychols Santa Please
50 Freya Beer Love Child
51 July Talk Certain Father
52 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl (
53 The Nervous Eaters Monsters + Angels
54 Ditsea Yella What's Going On
55 Escaper Spaceship
56 Paisley Parc Something On You
57 The National feat. Bon Iver Weird Goodbyes
58 Pleasing Forms Burning a Hole in Solution
59 John David Daily Pinebox
60 Chris Ianuzzi Edge of Earth
61 Camens I Concede To Worrying
62 The Late Starters False Victim
63 Momma Brave
64 Ruby Nixxons Keep On Keeping On
65 Time Of The Mouth You're Falling Apart Kid
66 Mo Dalis Music Nuclear Blues
67 Rochelle Vincente Von K When She's Gone
68 David Alpha
69 Noodles Undercover
70 Hummingbird Syndicate Memo From Mars
71 Karney Heart of Gold
72 Roughhousers Princess Mike
73 Domestic Curse Antifascist Default
74 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith and Ringo
75 Diablogato Jet Black Night

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