Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 14, 2022

1 The Young Hasselhoffs Life Got In The Way
2 The Cynz Narrow Hips
3 Push Puppets October Surprise
4 Infamous Stiffs Get It Straight/Shakedown
5 Jett Sett Blue Jeans
6 The Gypsy Moths For All I Care
7 Chris Ianuzzi Edge of Earth
8 The Heavy Heavy Why Don’t You Call
9 Speedfossil Simple Simon
10 Slamdinistas Boy Girl
11 Brad Marino Rubber Room
12 Dean Landew Keep It
13 Thrift Store Halo Dont Have To Love You
14 The Amplifier Heads Zombie Moon
15 Star Collector Game Day
16 Victoria Eman & Dion Eman Photograph
17 Escaper Open Sky
19 Drama Dolls I Hate Your Face
20 Ladytron City of Angels
21 Pleasing Forms Burning a Hole in Solution
22 Bamil Firefighter
23 Ruby Moss Pretend
24 Michelle Ward Music Try
25 Silke Berlinn Ball and Chain
26 The Battery Farm Poet Boy
27 Ryan Smith I'm Slipping
28 Lauren Glick Don't Add Up
29 Charlie Thomas Be My Rock
30 Key Of Caustic Pretty Little Suicide
31 BAD ANALOGY BAND In The Distance
32 Regent The Thunder
33 Sami Chohfi Sing You To Me
34 The Mountain Goats Choked Out
35 Robert Bushinsky Make It All You Want It To Be
36 Phoenix Tonight
37 Eenian Dreams Beacons
38 The Nervous Eaters Monsters + Angels
39 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
40 Eyes Aflame Take My Life
41 The Jacklights Underachiever
42 Killing Younglings Harambe Taught Us Karate In Zimbabwe
43 John Buckley McQuaid Girls Who Lived in Hell
44 Kayess Love Language
45 The Just Imagines Te Extraño
47 Lucas Aaron Play the Part
48 Christina Nini Princeton
49 BRAIDWOOD By Wednesday
50 Jennifer Stella Wait and See
51 Four Star Riot Something So Right
52 David G Smith Shine
53 Angela Strehli I Wouldn't Mind Dying
54 Momma Brave
55 Alexis Vegas First Kiss
56 Laurie Biagini Run to the Sun
57 Rachel Mae Hannon Breathe
58 Emperor of Ice Cream Winter Pages
59 Venus Grrrls Aries
60 We Demand Parachutes Cigarette Break
61 Karney Heart of Gold
62 Little Fuss Guardian Angel
63 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith and Ringo
64 Christopher Peifer Ruthless Charm
65 B Rocking 10 Consequences Of A Dreamer
66 The Superfonics Go Girl Go
67 The Dogmatics Think Twice
68 Alex Jeffrey Kitchen Table
69 Richard Öhrn Time’s Not Running Out
70 The WAEVE Something Pretty
71 Kurt Baker Move Up
72 Randy Klawon & Tommy Allen Little Miss Sunshine
73 Newtown Neurotics Climate Emergency
74 The Casanovas When You Want Something From Me
75 The Let's Go's Lonely Girl

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