Radio Indie Alliance Top 100 Songs – Week: April 15, 2024

# Artist Song Title
1 Amplifier Heads w Barrence Whitfield They Came To Rock/Dead Star (w Dan Kopko)
2 Shang Hi Los Op-Operator
3 Paul Collins In Another World
4 Hellflowers Little Boogie
5 The Hi-End God Complex
6 Dean Landew Job
7 Speedfossil IRL
8 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders Why I Sing
9 Hollywood Stars Taxi Driver
10 Tall Poppy Syndrome This Time Tomorrow
11 Hammered Saint Get Off My Lawn
12 James Sullivan Day Late Dollar Short
13 Ghost Kitchen Free TV
14 High Tiny Hairs Only Lonely
15 The Cynz Crow Haired Boys/Room Without A View
16 The Cyrkle We Were There
17 Shiny Beasts Can't Sleep
18 Odin Stone Dead Wrong/ Howling at TheMoon
19 The Jellybricks All About You
20 JoJo Foote Band Bloom of a Rose
21 Lee Newton Carolina Rain
22 Junkyard Heights Through The Night
23 Slamdinistas Get Back To Myself
24 Marc Valentine Complicated Sometimes
25 Second Language Souvenirs
26 The Peawees The Wolf
27 Jennifer Tefft & The Strange Caffeine
28 Modern Mimes Roses In Ruins
29 Satch Kerans Band Chantel!
30 Chasing Kites Collide
31 Trey Calloway Neon Lies
32 The Cocktail Slippers I Still Dream You
33 Wesley Fuller The Velvet Affair
34 The Weeklings None Of Your Business
35 The Evolving 9th Hour Sun will Rise
36 Jamc Maybach Curtains
37 Pouty Virgos Need More Love
38 Yot Club Human Nature
39 The Licorice Experiment Pretty Baby
40 Lukas Setto Take Me Back
41 Hudson Palace I’m A Boy
42 Midnight Skate Various Artists
43 Nina Storey When The Lights Go Out
44 Psycotic Pineapple Can't Escape From The Rock
46 Mike Langley Music Ready to Roll
47 The Trafalgars Start Again
48 Carla Olson/Alan Clarke It Makes Me Cry
49 The Lemon Twigs My Golden Years
50 The Cretins I Wanna Be Your Boy
51 Carla Olson Street Fighting Man
52 Local Drags Left In The Sun
53 Cousin George Nowhere Girl
54 Joe Mardin What's Done Is Done
55 The Midnight Callers The Eraser/Substitute
56 Cousin George Lillie/You Oughta Know
57 Youth Chairs Train of Thought
58 Larry Cataldo I Went Deep
59 (B)rothers (B)rother
60 Beasties Rock Opera Dinosaur Rock
61 Nervous Eaters Knockdown Day/Vampire
62 James Clark Institute Phantom Girl
63 Mary Strand Different Kind of World
64 Eric Barlow Remains of May
65 Grey Delisle Dover/Driftless Girl
66 Thrift Store Halo One More Time
67 Linnea's Garden Big Mirrors
68 LIttle Billy Lost SHOUT!
69 Louise Goffin I Was Right, She Was Wrong For You
70 Fast Eddy Spirit Commander
71 Empty Seat Take Back
72 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
73 The Dandy Warhols (featuring Slash) I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem
74 The Darts (US) Pour Another
76 Beebe Gallini She Hulk
77 The Speed of Sound West Wind
78 Children of Fab I Am The Walrus
79 Robotic Hawks High Maintenance
80 Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin Ink Blue Smoke
81 Pearl Jam Dark Matter
82 Happy Little Clouds The Emperor's Song
83 Cruzados Bed of Lies
84 Gamin Contradictoire ARSON
85 Adam Sherman If You Think
86 Kit Major Let Me In Your Band
87 Sydney Irving Find Me
88 The Tearaways Easier Done Than Said
89 JJ Wilde Hands
90 Camera Obscura Big Love
91 The On and Ons Hey What’s Going On
92 Ian Hunter (with Cheap Trick) People
93 Mick Blankenship Sands Of Time
94 The Rumble Skulls Celtic Cross
96 Feverjaw Out of Havoc
97 DJ Hero Soft White Wedding
98 Disgraceland Porkrind
99 GOATMILKER Black Grass
100 Rick Lovett Guitar Song

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