Radio Indie Alliance Top 100 Songs – Week: April 22, 2024

# Artist Song Title
1 The Cynz The Only One
2 Jennifer Tefft & The Strange Caffeine
3 The Peawees The Wolf
4 The Jellybricks All About You
5 Dean Landew Job
6 The Hi-End God Complex
7 Robotic Hawks High Maintenance
8 Amplifier Heads w Barrence Whitfield They Came To Rock/Dead Star (w Dan Kopko)
9 The Blusterfields Everyone Is Dead
10 The New Bardots Wasted Blind
11 Diesel Park West Garden
12 Kristian Montgomery & The Winterkill Band Gypsy Girl
13 JoJo Foote Band Bloom of a Rose
14 Local Drags Left In The Sun
15 California f Les Fradkin Come Fly To Fall In Love
16 Cousin George Nowhere Girl/Lillie
17 Joe Mardin What's Done Is Done
18 Shang Hi Los Op-Operator/Do Our Thing
19 Tall Poppy Syndrome This Time Tomorrow
20 The Hollywood Stars Taxi Driver
21 Marc Valentine Complicated Sometimes
22 Trees Inside Out Saint Joan
23 Lee Newton Carolina Rain
24 Kit Major Let Me In Your Band
25 Brent Seavers Her
26 Diablogato Lost Highway
27 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith, and Ringo
28 Empty Seat Take Back
29 Mick Blankenship Sands Of Time
30 Annalise Zee Perfect Stranger
31 Big Sal Up North Where Eagles Fly
32 Zickzack Sonnensystem
33 Mansfield - band DREAMS OF DESIRE
34 Blue Moon Dogz #1 Dream
35 KeithShaw Because I Can!
36 Movment The Light Goes Out
37 Canton Synths Destroy
38 Katelyn Myers Traveler
39 The Trafalgars Davey Parker
40 JoceLien You Dont Wanna Try
41 Jesus Mind Glaze Monkeys
42 Dash Rip Rock Baby Please Don't Go
43 Hoorsees Charming City Life
44 Hudson Palace I’m A Boy
46 Fionn Your Type
47 The Chesterfield Kings Meet You After Midnight
48 Forsaken Profits Inferno 24
49 Tweeds I Need That Record
50 The Lemon Twigs My Golden Years
51 Talk Wasteland
52 Second Language Souvenirs
53 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders Lies, Lies & More Lies
54 Smack Champion Do You Love Me Still
55 Paul Collins In Another World/Stand Back And Take A Good Look
56 Odin Stone Dead Wrong/ Howling at The Moon
57 Andras Jones Record Store
58 Larry Cataldo I Went Deep
59 (B)rothers (B)rother
60 Speedfossil IRL
61 Beasties Rock Opera Dinosaur Rock
62 Hellflowers Little Boogie
63 Eric Din On Top Of The World
64 Hammered Saint Get Off My Lawn
65 Thrift Store Halo One More Time
66 James Sullivan Day Late Dollar Short
67 The Midnight Callers The Eraser/Substitute
68 The Exact Opposite Look At Him Go
69 Midnight Skate Various Artists
70 Lizzy Lee Vincent Hide
71 Leather Catsuit Leather Catsuit
72 wht.rbbt.obj Dirty Love
73 MONOGROOVE I Think Of You
74 Satch Kerans Band Chantel
75 Left Lane Cruiser Big Momma Shake
76 The Darren Holland Project All Love Is Christmas
77 Alayna Kaylyn Too Early For A Burial
78 The Beaters Band Be My Baby
79 Tamar Berk tiny injuries
80 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay...
81 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
82 Girl with a Hawk Keep ‘er Lit
83 The Dandy Warhols (featuring Slash) I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem
84 Sprints Up And Comer
85 The On and Ons Hey What's Going On
86 Fontaines D.C. Starburster
87 Rick Lovett Guitar Song
88 Continental Lovers LETS GO OUT TONIGHT
89 Sydney Irving Find Me
90 The Half-Cubes feat. Jon Rubin & Tommy Dunbar The Girl
91 Jeff Winchester Hero
92 Ugochill Feat. The Turtle Project Ugochill feat. The Turtle Project
93 Billy Ray Norris JUST HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, Forever
94 Psycotic Pineapple Can't Escape From The Rock
95 The Second Summer The Reason
96 Luna Kiss Ivy
97 RumLuck Elm Street
98 Adam Sherman Band If You Think
99 Kris Russ I try
100 Dolph Chaney Mug

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