Radio Indie Alliance Top 100 Songs – Week: April 8, 2024

# Artist Song Title
1 Shang Hi Los Op-Operator
2 Speedfossil IRL/Sweetheart
3 Amplifier Heads w Barrence Whitfield They Came To Rock/Dead Star
4 Nervous Eaters Knockdown Day/Vampire
5 Robotic Hawks High Maintenance
6 Hammered Saint Get Off My Lawn/Taylor Swift
7 Hollywood Stars Taxi Driver
8 Green Day Saviors
9 Ghost Kitchen Free TV
10 High Tiny Hairs Only Lonely
11 Second Language Souvenirs
12 Midnite Skate Compilation
13 Paul Collins Stand Back And Take A Good Look
14 Indie Butterfly Dream The Lucid Song
15 Slamdinistas Get Back To Myself
16 Larry Cataldo I Went Deep
17 Odin Stone Dead Wrong
18 Beasties Rock Opera Dinosaur Rock
19 Little Billy Lost SHOUT!
20 The Lemon Twigs In My Head
21 Khruangbin Pon Pón
22 The Cynz Crow Haired Boys
23 The Spackles The Dotted Line
25 The Glimmer Stars Sugar Blue
26 Benson and Eutley Far Out, Man!
27 Shiny Beasts On a Roll
28 Lee Newton Carolina Rain
29 Johanna Saint Pierre Flower Power
30 PlasticSole 1988
31 Tommy Rice Music Two Lovers That Can Never Be Together
32 PINHDAR Little Light
33 Medusa Touch President's Men
34 Cousin George Lillie/You Oughta Know
36 Carly Jo Jackson Oh Yeah
37 Bare Belly Bodyguard
38 Sprints Up And Comer
39 Sixes & Sevens Paint Like Pablo
40 Burning Lake My Home Town
41 Sinners Corner Sinners Corner
42 Linkin Park Friendly Fire
43 Wesley Fuller The Velvet Affair
44 Worlds Apart Love Is Dead
45 Mic Trey P.H.W.H. (Pray Hard Work Harder)
46 Orbis 2.0 Not This Time
47 Thrift Store Halo One More Time
48 Jake Andrews Apricot Brandy
49 The Midnight Callers The Eraser/Substitute
50 Carla Olson/Allan Clarke It Makes Me Cry
51 Andras Jones Record Store
52 Eric Barlow Remains of May
54 Jennifer Tefft & The Strange Caffeine
55 The Satisfactors Arrested
56 The Darren Holland Project Lemon Drop
57 Crow Follow Dig It
58 Youth Chairs Train of Thought
59 Gen and The Degenerates Girls
60 Mary Strand Different Kind of World
61 James Clark Institute Phantom Girl
62 Grey Delisle Dover
63 Smack Champion Cryin' Over You
64 Weeklings All The Cash In The World
65 Psycotic Pineapple Can't Escape From The Rock
66 Jessica Lynne Witty No Regrets
67 Rich Show What Can I Do To Make You Feel
68 Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin Ink Blue Smoke Again
69 Jean Caffeine I Don't Want To Kill You Anymore
70 Franco Mal Cherry Coke
71 Lizzy Lee Vincent Hide
72 Leather Catsuit Leather Catsuit
73 The Beaters Band Be My Baby
74 Tamar Berk tiny injuries
75 The Dollyrots A New England
76 Arthur Alexander …Steppin’ Out
77 Girl with a Hawk Keep ‘er Lit
78 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay... Repeat
79 Rick Barton Deep Inside
80 Ian Hunter (with Cheap Trick) People
81 Nunchukka Superfly JACKET
82 Mad Ones Molly Moth
83 38 Coffin Dead Surfer Girl
84 Sam Roberts Afterlife
85 The Cocktail Slippers I Still Dream You
86 Happy Little Clouds The Emperor's Song
87 The Cyrkle Turn-Down Day (21st Century Version)
88 Junkyard Heights Through The Night
89 Gentlemen Rogues All Out Crush
90 Dawn Rix Pain Killer
91 Silver Dollar Room Little Things
92 SHE'S A FISH She's A Fish
93 New Age Grace Without Conscience
94 Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders Why I Sing
95 Tall Poppy Syndrome This Time Tomorrow
96 J Glenn Take It Back
97 A1exo GET LIT
98 Amanda Cross Wreck Your Heart
99 Ask The Dust The Hungher
100 Garlen Lo Brown Paper Ball

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