Top 75 Songs – Week: August 17, 2020

1 Yum Yums Crush on You/Lie To Me
2 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith and Ringo
3 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Going Nowhere/Gonna Be Good
4 Whistlestop Rock Queen of The Drive-In
5 Freddie Dilevi Teenager’s Heartbreak
6 Rooftop Screamers One Wish
7 Bookends She's Got It
8 Peyton Gilliland Spoonful/Dangerous
9 Muck and The Mires Zoom Breakup/Take Me Back To Planet Earth
10 Luv-Enders Homecoming
11 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
12 Bamil Building Roads & Minds
13 The Chats Do What I Want
14 Indonesian Junk C'mon And Love Me
15 Roger C Reale & Rue Morgue Make It Be Over
16 Dawn Rix One Love Fits All
17 IDLES Model Village
18 Kid Gulliver I Wanna Be a Popstar
19 The Beater’s Band Hang on Sloopy
20 The Idolizers Stranded (Again)
21 Cliff Wheeler Band Sunshine
22 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
23 Ray Powers It’s You
24 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade/Kids In Droves
25 Vix20 Try Again
26 Jerry LeHane Kiss My Tatoo/Runaway With You
27 Chris Gardner Bottle and Bag
28 Richard Turgeon If You Leave Me
29 Crossover Lift Me Up
30 WoR Caged
31 Hometruths Soundtrack
32 Nygma Initiation
33 Bugs Can't Get Enough
34 Ward XVI Imago
35 Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs
36 Paddock Music I'm Not Ready To Say Goodbye
37 Radon Queen Anne’s Lace
38 Third Lung Nowhere Left To Hide
39 79.5 My Dream
40 Junior Dayvis Elvis Is King
41 High On Stress Dakota
42 The Monkees Valleri
43 Rook And The Ravens Watching The Worlds Collide
44 honeychain Pocket Full Of Good/Chemtrails
45 Jeff Kossack A Whole Lotta Nothing
46 Jupiter's Basement Stella Sonic Face
47 Mad Wet Sea God of War
48 Jam-Tako Deal in nightmare
49 Ventrelles STOP
50 Tommy Tourettic Toilet Paper Jesus
51 The Owen Guns The Ballad Of Cheeto Hitler
52 The On And Ons Monday Blues
53 Arkells Years in the Making
54 L.A. Machina Teenage Head
55 Dave Molter Mid-Century Man
56 The Foreign Films Katie and The Crystal Hearts
57 Fit For A King Breaking the Mirror
58 Southbank Crows SW9th
59 Breakaway This Days Are Dead
60 JJ Wilde The Rush
61 Rangsteen Rock n Roll Music
62 New York Junk Passion
63 Barbara Claxton Stand Up For Love
64 Mirror Point Is This Was This
65 Buzz Cason & Sons Why
66 Excorde It Never Goes Away
67 Splendid Asleep
68 Hallan Modern England
69 Rizzo Big Body Misses ft Dip Mula
70 Gretchen's Wheel You Should Know
71 Batteries Not Included Cherry
72 Jay & The Archcriminals Cry a Little Tear
73 Jes Farnsworth Time Ain’t Been Kind
74 Cory M. Coons Leavin’
75 Southbank Crows Paradise Park
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