Top 75 Songs – Week: August 10, 2020

1 Kid Gulliver/Whistlestop Rock I Wanna Be a Popstar/Queen of The Drive-In
2 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith and Ringo
3 The Go-Go's Club Zero
4 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Going Nowhere
5 Natsuki Topaz
6 Juniper Punk Rock Boy
7 Bamil Building Roads & Minds
8 Corella On Wax
9 Rooftop Screamers One Wish
10 Jerry LeHane Kiss My Tatoo/Runaway With You
11 Barbara Claxton Stand Up For Love
12 Yum Yums She’s Got Everything?Crush on You
13 The Echo System Hipnotic Nomad
14 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade
15 James Reid When We Were Young
16 Buddy Davis Somebody’s Angel
17 Wicked Tree Seek Ground
18 The Foreign Films Katie and The Crystal Hearts
19 Muck and The Mires Take Me Back To Planet Earth
20 The Quaranteens Everyday's a Friday Night
21 The Fiery Furnaces Down on the So and O Somewhere
22 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
23 Jeff Kossack A Whole Lotta Nothing
24 Crunchtime Outsourced
25 Sourdoughmusic My Lines
26 James Williamson & Deniz Tek Stable
27 Bugs Can't Get Enough
28 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
29 SLADE My Town
30 Kitchenkillaz Drift, Slide, Collide
31 Kathleen Edwards Options Open
32 Out Of the Shadows Come To Me
33 The Trend Bella Vega
34 Buzz Cason & Sons Why
35 Josh Middleton Somebody (Sorry)
36 Sterling & The Taste Warm Body
37 MORE Story Goes On
38 The Mayan Factor Peace
39 Healthy Junkies Some Kind Of Girl
40 Zebra 21
41 The Kondoors Mr Rain
42 The Ponderosa Glee Boys Comin' to Get Ya!
43 Dellacoma Time Fall's Away
44 The Chimpz Not Enough
45 SAULT June Child
46 JJ Wilde The Rush
47 The Far North This House Is Ours
48 Jesse Dayton She Does It Right
49 CJ Ramone Three Angels
50 Blaney So Clear
51 Tartan Horde Bay City Rollers We Love You
53 Dave Molter Mid-Century Man
54 Landon Noland One Song Left
55 Peyton Gilliland Spoonful
56 Bugs Can't Get Enough
57 Bad Love Hurricane
58 Ray Powers It’s You
59 Michael Zuko Mesmerized
60 The Fleshtones You Gotta Love, Love
61 Will Butler Surrender
62 Cliff Wheeler Band Sunshine
63 HONEYCHAIN Chemtrails
64 Sunshine Boys Work and Love
65 Arkells Years in the Making
66 Louise Lehir Les Birdies
67 Jacques LaBouchere Lost Goals
68 The Reflectors Storm and Thunder
69 Luv-Enders Homecoming
70 Bobi Serafimo & Katja Rieckermann Rare Moments
71 Real Impossibles With a Girl
72 Vix20 Try Again
73 Stereokitchen Welcome to my Kitchen
74 Calva Louise I Wish
75 Gretchen's Wheel You Should Know
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