Top 75 Songs – Week: August 24, 2020

1 Whistlestop Rock Queen of The Drive-In
2 Freddie Dilevi Teenager’s Heartbreak
3 Yum Yums Crush on You/Lie To Me
4 The Tearaways Charlie, Keith and Ringo
5 Muck and The Mires Zoom Breakup/Take Me Back To Planet Earth
6 Sakuran Zen-sen Taxi Man/Rock n Roll
7 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Going Nowhere/Gonna Be Good
8 The Idolizers Stranded (Again)
9 Louise LeHir End Slowly
10 IDLES Model Village
11 Andras Jones Might As Well Make It (Wonderful)
12 Jacques LaBouchere Lost Goals
13 Foxy Shazam Dreamer
14 The Beatles All You Need Is Love
15 Hounds Haul Riviera
16 Kid Gulliver I Wanna Be a Popstar
17 Christopher Thomas Independence Day
18 Heap Backsliding
19 Peyton Gilliland Spoonful/Dangerous
20 Luv-Enders Homecoming
21 Ray Powers It’s You
22 Kim Dawson Try
23 M30 Howlin Wolf
24 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
25 David Nixon’s Navigation DIY Man
26 Icecream Hands Thank You
27 The Winters Our Song
28 Hutcheson Brothers Drive
29 ECHOBATS Save Me From Loving You
30 Firekind Adrenalin
31 Sun-Pinned Leaves Monterey Bay
32 EmT Diva
33 The Rûah Mirror
34 Cliff Wheeler Band Sunshine
35 High On Stress Dakota
36 Dead Reynolds P.S. (I Loathe You)
37 The Monkees Valleri
38 JJ Wilde The Rush
39 The Color Blew Dance Dance Dance
40 Dark Remedy The Day of Reckoning
41 Too Far For Gracie Concrete And Bones
42 Lethal Injektion Tomb of Roses
43 Wild Ire Burn the Bridge
44 Alex Isenberg Disraeli Woman
45 H Star Dont Play Yourself
46 The Shed Project Lucky Number
47 Ferdinand Rennie You Raise Me Up
48 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
49 Soul Orchestra 90 To Nothin' ft Brent Carter
50 Future Radio Fire With Fire
51 Justine and The Unclean Fourth Love
52 Dustin Chapman Slow Dance
53 The Moods The Rise and Fall of America
54 Gumbo We Don't Care
55 IAMWARFACE w/ Crossflow Take The Shot
56 Velvet Starlings Karmic Lemonade/Kids In Droves
57 Alisa Wood Apartmentos
58 Old 97's The Dropouts
59 The Feens Sunset
60 The Foreign Films Birds In A Blue Sky
61 Elvis Costello No Flag
62 Rooftop Screamers One Wish
63 Barbara Claxton Music Stand up 4 Love
64 The Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated
65 Fleshtones Alex Trebeck
66 James Ethington III Becca
67 The Vigil Fuel To Burn
68 Radio Drive featuring Kevin Gullickson Footsteps
69 Bikini Cigarette War
70 Todd Barrow Country Song
71 Sharks Ballad of Jason Perry
72 Gold Leader Cross Contamination
73 The Winachi Tribe Funky But Chic
74 Starscreen Parade of Fools
75 Buzz Cason & Sons Montana
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