Top 40 Songs – Week: October 9, 2017

1 Jimmy Coburn Gotta Go Home/Outside My Window
2 The Mylars Betty Buddy
3 Touts Sold Out
4 Somerdale Bigger Than The Universe/The News
5 Lola Pistola Abort
6 Thrift Store Halo World Gone Mad/I'm Not Through
7 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius
8 Acid Baby Jesus Guide Us In
9 Pugwash What Are You Like
10 The Dots The Accidental Incident
11 Cianna Blaze On Fire
12 Hannah Faye Darker
13 Rebeka Rain Don't Listen To The Darkness
14 Modern Day Poets Say Hey
15 Ivory Tower Project The Ides of March (Et tu Brute?)
16 CT Swan Some Day/Rely
17 Ayala Maybe
18 Raveis Kole Fearless (All In)
19 Audra Mclaughlin Boomerang
20 Amyl and the Sniffers I'm Not A loser
21 THE NEATBEATS Twistin' Time With You (Ghostroads OST)
22 The Rumours Break My Heart
23 Daisy House Looking at Me (Stop!)
24 Cat Lundy Triggerman
25 Ada Perfectly Imperfect
26 XVII Shatter the Waves
27 RAYNE Subject A
28 Diego Garcia Lake Road
29 Jeff Kossack No Life After You
30 Young Presidents Smile/Freedom Of Speech
31 The Galaxies Baby I Believe
32 Bayonets Whatcha Got
33 Paul Helmig From a Walk to a Run
34 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
35 Plasmalab Hitchhiker
36 Lina Loi Who To Love
37 Breeze Redwine Top Of The World
38 The Wild Young Hearts My Oldest Friend
39 Parsons Rocket Project Solar Flare
40 Sunshine Boys Billy Boy
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