1Thrift Store HaloWorld Gone Mad/I'm Not Through
2The TearawaysRodney's Getting Sirius
3SomerdaleBigger Than The Universe/The News
4Jimmy CoburnGotta Go Home/Outside My Window
5Sparks Missionary Position
6AdaPerfectly Imperfect
7Robert Hunter Afterglow
8Amyl and the Sniffers I'm Not A loser
9THE NEATBEATS Twistin' Time With You (Ghostroads OST)
10CT SwanSome Day/Rely
11Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
12Jeff Kossack No Life After You
13Rebeka RainDon't Listen To The Darkness
15Joensuu Riihimäki Hillbilly Falls
16Audra MclaughlinBoomerang
17Vessel Of Light Meant To Be
18Raveis KoleFearless (All In)
20The Relentless Me Against the Devil
21The WeeklingsPaperback Writer
22Marcus Kihn Waypoint
23Daisy House Looking at Me (Stop!)
24Young PresidentsSmile/Freedom Of Speech
25Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
26Leon Turner One Day At A Time
28Sunshine Boys Billy Boy
29Moscato Broken Dreams
30Rebecca Hosking Between Me And The Moon
31THE MOST Gatecrashers (Ghostroads OST)
32Lina Loi Who to
33Pugwash What Are You Like
34David Hegarty Even The Joker Cries Sometimes
35The Dots The Accidental Incident
36Charley Waco Buffalo Soldier The Ballad of The Buffalo Soldier
37Mark Cashin & the Lil HusseysFor So Long
38Synners Of Truth Water Balloons
39Mark Glazier Sweet Cheri
40Victoria Eman While I Cry