Top 40 Songs – Week: October 16, 2017

1 Jon C Butler When The Walls Went Down
2 Bamil Hipnoteyes
3 Hannah Faye Darker
4 Somerdale Bigger Than The Universe/The News
5 Breeze Redwine Top Of The World
6 Thrift Store Halo World Gone Mad/I'm Not Through
7 $8 Rum (w Paper Mache Kisses The Beach Life
8 Kannika Why Me
9 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius
10 Amyl & The Sniffers 70's Street Munchies
11 Ivory Tower Project The Ides of March (Et tu Brute?)
12 The Mylars Betty Buddy and Me
13 Rebeka Rain Don't Listen To The Darkness
14 The Red Button Tracy’s Party
15 The 50 Kaitenz (Jpn) I Can Hear Sam Cooke
16 Days To Come Color of the Sun
17 Jimmy Coburn Gotta Go Home/Outside My Window
18 Rofo Audio Refrain
19 Cat Lundy Triggerman
20 The Dots The Accidental Incident
21 Pugwash What Are You Like
22 Femme Krawall Uhuras Disco
23 Templeton Universe Never Seen
24 Robert Gregory Browne Prayer for the Fallen
25 Jeff Kossack & Syd Straw Too Little Time
26 Dark Sky Park Henrietta
27 Skarlett Riot Feel
28 Victoria Eman While I Cry
29 Sunshine Boys Billy Boy
30 Cyanide Sundae What Can I Do
31 Lina Who To Love
32 Drunk Mums I Got a Motorbike So F You
33 THE NEATBEATS (Jpn) Twistin' Time With You
34 The Rumours Break My Heart
35 Hunger Amused
36 Tiffany Gow Broken
37 Ian Person Whatever it Takes
38 Cornerstone Nothing To Lose
39 Mack Meadows Smilin' In The Islands
40 Art Podell Blame It on the Russians
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