1TJ DoyleAnonymous
2LifePlay That Funky Music
3The Red ButtonCan't Let Candy Go
4Miranda GloryTake
5The TearawaysName That Tune/Helluva Christmas
6Ivory Tower Project Way Too Late
7The PrivatesAction Woman/Boogie Go Go Man
8Amyl and the Sniffers 70s Street Munchies
9Audra MclaughlinBoomerang
10Thrift Store HaloWorld Gone Mad
11The Stanleys Amy
12Kannika Watching You
13Lina Who To Love
14Whipper Sh*t Love
15Berwanger The Star Invaders
16Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
17Late BloomersFollow You Down
18The Dots The Accidental Incident
19Joseph Ferrante Feeling All Right
20Andy Michaels Angel
21Larre U-A Still Yesterday
22Leon Turner One Day At A Time
23Rosegarden Funeral PartyHorror Music
243 Pill Morning Never Look Back
25Bamil GutierrezThe Sound Of The Crow
26Victoria Eman While I Cry
27Jon C ButlerGhost In My Heart
28Jeff Kossack & Syd StrawToo Little Time
29Doc Powell So Cool
30The Union Saskia
Ritchie Dave Porter I Needed Some Lovin
32Cult Of WedgePop Muzik
33The British CollectivePiece of Heaven
34Moscato Broken Dreams
35Starbenders Julian
36Pink Beam Wrote Me A Letter
37Bad Llama Apocrypha
38Phantom 5 Crossfire
39Soldier On Ropes
40Roger Street Friedman Everyday