Top 40 Songs – Week: November 13, 2017

1 The Tearaways Name That Tune
2 The Neatbeats Twistin' Time With You (Ghostroads OST)
3 Jeremy and the Harlequins Like A Prayer
4 Rosegarden Funeral Party Horror Music
5 TJ Doyle Unconditional
6 Miranda Glory Take
7 Elmo Weber Bali High
8 Thrift Store Halo World Gone Mad
9 Lina Who To Love
10 Audra Mclaughlin Boomerang
11 Kannika Watching You
12 El Goodo I Sit and Wonder
13 honeychain Crushed
14 Life Play That Funky Music
15 James Tunnell Choose
16 Jenna Nation Forever
17 Country Lou Watson Pan Handle Slim
18 Lannie Flowers Kiss A Memory
19 Joensuu Riihimäki 21
20 Paper Mache Kisses (Stop Giving Me) Pretty Things
21 Pink Beam Wrote Me A Letter
22 The Dots The Accidental Incident
23 Joe Var Veri The Jungle Room
24 The Red Button Can't Let Candy Go
25 Kapono Carmela Dancing Shoes
26 Revolution Saints Freedom
27 Junior Turner Unforgettable
28 Renato Telles Sbeghen Late For The Last Waltz
29 Silent Stranger Battle Axe
30 Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
31 The Stanleys Amy
32 The Nines Maybe If You Stayed
33 Louisa Maria Baker Good Riddance (Green Day Cover)
34 Morris & Young Follow You Down
35 Mike Collins & Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
36 Victoria Eman While I Cry
37 Ian McNabb Hotter Than The Sun
38 Wily Bo Walker & E.D. Brayshaw Running Wild
39 Blue Helix Aliens
40 The Successful Failures When Did Everybody Grow Up