Top 40 Songs – Week: October 30, 2017

1 The Red Button Can't Let Candy Go
2 The Privates Action Woman/Boogie Go Go Man
3 TJ Doyle Anonymous
4 Miranda Glory Take
5 Ivory Tower Project The Ides of March (Et tu Brute?)
6 Thrift Store Halo World Gone Mad
7 Heidi Raye Worth A Shot
8 The Tearaways Name That Tune/Rodney's Getting Sirius
9 The Stanleys Amy
10 Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
11 Kannika Watching You
12 Jon C Butler Ghost In My Heart
13 Love Child She Hides Her Soul
14 D J Funsize I Can Fly
15 Life Play That Funky Music
16 Somerdale Bigger Than The Universe
17 Emiko California Screamin’
18 Berwanger The Star Invaders
19 Thee Holy Brothers My Name Is Sparkle
20 Mack Meadows Peace Love & Sandy Feet
21 Victoria Eman While I Cry
22 Lady Janes Revenge Heroes
23 The Dots The Accidental Incident
24 Jeff Kossack & Syd Straw Too Little Time
25 Cult Of Wedge Pop Muzik
26 Sonar Lights Wake Up
27 J.C and Company Tammy's song
28 The Two Tens Mean Spirit
29 Amyl and the Sniffers I’m Not a Loser
30 Phantom 5 Crossfire
Jimmy Coburn Gotta Go Home
32 Pink Beam Wrote Me A Letter
33 The Routes Dysphoria
34 The Barcode Bandits I Don't Want To Know
35 Audra Mclaughlin Boomerang
36 Ed Servis I Think It's Gonna Rain
37 Tiffany Gow Broken
38 Gentian Gaston
39 Moscato Broken Dreams
40 Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
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