1Rosegarden Funeral PartyHorror Music/Blitzkreig In Holland
2The TearawaysHelluva Christmas/Name That Tune
3LifePlay That Funky Music
4TJ DoyleUnconditional/Anonymous
5Jenna NationForever
6Paul Weller One Tear
7The Nines Maybe If You Stayed
8Frank He Jester's Song
9Audra MclaughlinBoomerang
10Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
11Proper ManLadies First
12The Red ButtonCan't Let Candy Go
13Ian McNabbHotter Than The Sun
14Miranda GloryTake
15Thrift Store HaloWorld Gone Mad
16Louisa Maria BakerGood Riddance
17Silverstar California
18The WeeklingsRevolution Wonderland
19Echo City Burn Me
20SomerdaleMerry Christmas Time
21Emi Sunshine Ragged Dreams
22Geary Nelson You're a Big Boy Now
23Van T’s Bittersweet
24Worry Drag
25Justine and The Unclean I'm In Love With You Jackass
26Scream Serenity Good Business
27Country Lou Watson Somebody Else Will
28Lars Finberg Benevolent Panic
29Starbenders Julian
30Maureen & The Mercury 5Shoot Me Cupid
31The Stanleys Amy
32Stage 11 Hallelujah
33Annemarie PicernoBonfire
34Caddy The Good Ones
35Lina Who To Love
36The Dots Accidental Tourist
37Elmo Weber Beatles mash
38Ed Servis I Think It's Gonna Rain
39Blighter These Chains Pull
40Pyramid Park The Unexplained