1Paul Weller One Tear
2The TearawaysBaby Blue
3Jenna NationDrunk and Dreamin'
4Lisa CoppolaWhen You Were Mine
5TJ DoyleUnconditional/Anonymous
6Starbenders Julian
7The Nines Maybe If You Stayed
8Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
9Rosegarden Funeral PartyHorror Music
10The Barcode BanditsI Don't Want You To Know
11Third Of Never 506
12LIFE Play That Funky Music
13SparksMissionary Position
14Miranda GloryTake
15Thrift Store HaloWorld Gone Mad
16Ashes Collide Universe
17Scottish Widows Shallow
18Cheap Tissue Bag and Number
19Revolution Saints Freedom
20SomerdaleMerry Christmas Time
21Mia Kylie Ditta TRY
22The DotsAccidental Tourist
23The Screens Jennifer Jones
24Renato Telles Sbeghen Late For The Last Waltz
25Beyond Forgiveness The Great Wall
26The Stanleys Amy
27Justine and The UncleanPassive Aggressive Baby
28Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
29The 50 Kaitenz (Jpn) 11:55
30WeeklingsChristmastime Is Here Again
31The Ragamuffins Kösmische Stadt
32Ugochill Beloved
33honeychainThan you
34Lina Who To Love
35Shane Martin Keepin' The Night Alive
36Eclipse The Downfall of Eden
37Moscato Devil Woman
38Distant Warning For All
39Gandalf’s Fist Winter’s Mourning
40Tiffany Gow Broken