Top 40 Songs – Week: May 21, 2018

1 Roger Joseph Manning Jr Is It All A dream
2 The Tearaways The Worst Wife Ever/I Could Love You Forever
3 The Fulcos Tell Me
4 Joe Symes & the Loving Kind Things Get Better
5 TJ Doyle Cold Rain
6 Jeff Kossack Funny Thing About Luck
7 Deep Creek Road Forgot How To Love
8 Darky Dark & The Junkie Bunch I Wish You Would
9 Nick Goodman And I Want You
10 CJ Teffner Find the Magic
11 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
12 Young Presidents Alive
13 JointPop Amplify
14 Storm Warning Muse
15 Rebeka Rain & Kathryn Swain Compliment
16 Angie Aparo Punk Rock Girl
17 Caper Clowns The Way I Dream
18 honeychain Happy House
19 TEAL Repeat
20 BBQT Inmate
21 The Jones Monkeytown
22 Fast Cars California Dawning
23 Hipbone Digging My Grave
24 New Tarot Mistake to Choose
25 The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show A Snakes A Snake
26 Krista D Simple Social Tragedy
27 Weeklings In The Moment
28 Mark Wade Trio Autumn Leaves
29 Bo and The Generals Rich Girl
30 Annie Rost Texas Hospitality
31 Lucy & The Rats Lose My Mind
32 Kurt Baker Combo So Lonely
33 Bamil Stronger Than The Storm
34 Ellency Cold Blooded
35 Art Podell Blame It On The Russians
36 The Pandoras It's Getting Better All The Time
37 Beautify Junkyards Radioactivity
38 Daisy House Let's Do It Again
39 Gary Douglas Band River Road
40 Thrift Store Halo Every Time With You
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