2The TearawaysThe Worst Wife Ever/Forevermore
3TJ DoyleCold Rain
4The FulcosTell Me
5Roger Manning Jr. I'm Not Your Cowboy
6Jeff KossackFunny Thing About Luck
7Gary Douglas BandRiver Road
8Proper Man Under The Sun
9Ken Sharp She Hates The Beatles
10CJ Teffner Find the Magic
11Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
12Nick GoodmanAnd I Want You
13New Tarot Mistake to Choose
14Young PresidentsAlive
15Exhale One Step Away (Bliss)
16RemergeBig Shot
17Rebeka Rain & Kathryn SwainCompliment
18Flight of Icarus Where The Stars Collide
20Angie AparoPunk Rock Girl
21Caper ClownsThe Way I Dream
22honeychainGoin’ Through Your Purse
23Bamil Stronger Than The Storm
24Fast Cars California Dawning
25Howard Jones What is Love
26Thrift Store Halo Concrete Sky
27Eva Under Fire Good Morning Misery
28Deep Dark River The Golden Bough
29Thee Holy BrothersElvis In Jerusalem
30Daisy HouseLet's Do It Again
31Lucy & The Rats Lose My Mind
32Kurt Baker ComboSo Lonely
33Art PodellBlame It On The Russians
34EllencyCold Blooded
35Marc PlattSweetest Sound
36The Pandoras It's Getting Better All The Time
37Beautify Junkyards Radioactivity
38Krista D Simple Social Tragedy
39Steve Winwood While You See A Chance
40Sharp Star Vows