1 The Tearaways Forevermore/I Could Love You Forever
2 TJ Doyle Cold Rain
3 Bossy Boots Get it
4 The Ragamuffins Something Sinister
5 The Fulcos Tell Me
6 Jeff Kossack Float
7 Brave New World Alice
8 Paper Mache Kisses ft Maya Denham Apocalyptica
9 Nick Goodman Wish I Was Great
10 CJ Teffner Find the Magic
11 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
12 Young Presidents Alive
13 Lowell Hopper Just For You
14 Bamil Stronger Than The Storm
15 Templeton Universe Catch the Sun
16 Angie Aparo Punk Rock Girl
17 Caper Clowns The Way I Dream
18 honeychain Happy House
19 Kurt Baker Combo So Lonely
20 Marc Platt Coulda Been Someone/Sweetest Sound
21 Vertilzar Time
22 Roger Joseph Manning Jr Is It All A dream
23 Silent IRE Vengeance
24 METHODS Fires
25 Papa Satch Just Wanna Say
26 Taleen Kali Half Lie
27 Prince Purple Rain
28 The Vast Oddity Squares Are People Too
29 Thrift Store Halo Every Time With You
30 The Jones Monkeytown
31 Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice
32 Gary Douglas Band River Road
33 Sharp Star Vows
34 21 Taras Hat Trip
35 Donna Destri & Paul Zone It's The Little Things
36 In Memoirs This Is The Sound
37 Beautify Junkyards Radioactivity
38 Geoff Palmer Velcro Shoes
39 Weeklings In The Moment
40 Dani Hagan Baby Come Home