Top 40 Songs – Week: May 7, 2018

1 The Tearaways The Worst Wife Ever/Forevermore
2 Gary Douglas Band River Road
3 Lucy and the Rats Lose My Mind
4 The Fulcos Tell Me
5 honeychain Goin’ Through Your Purse
6 TJ Doyle Cold Rain
7 Jerry Hull Supercharged Chassis
8 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
9 Jeff Kossack Funny Thing About Luck
10 Art Podell Blame it on the Russians
11 The Well Wishers Come Out and Play
12 Thrift Store Halo Concrete Sky
13 LEVY band Beautiful Monsters
14 Caper Clowns The Way I Dream
15 Young Presidents Erica
16 Angie Aparo Punk Rock Girl
17 Rebeka Rain & Kathryn Swain Compliment
18 Daisy House Let's Do It Again
19 John Duffer Whiskey Sessions
20 The Weeklings In The Moment
21 The Kurt Baker Combo So Lonely
22 Louder Than Death New Stains
23 Collateral UK Midnight Queen
24 The Baskervilles Blood in My Mouth
25 Annemarie Picerno Closer
26 Nick Frater Built To Last
27 JENNA Nation Can’t Get Over You
28 Thee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem
29 Lowell Hopper Just For You
30 Heather Whitney Bye Bye Bayou
31 Semantic Vacuum Hypothesis Visionary
32 Anita Eccleston The Good Life
33 Mr. Atomic Made For TV
34 The Beatles Day Tripper
35 JointPop Amplify
36 CJ Teffner Find the Magic
37 One Gun Shy Let
38 Madonna Holiday
39 Chimpanbee Fell In Love
40 Black Sedan Love On Love
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