Top 40 Songs – Week: March 30, 2020

1 BimBamBoom Oh No
2 Justine's Black Threads Needles and Pins
3 The Walkdown The Distance (Gets In The Way)
4 Stop Calling Me Frank Haberdashery
5 Justine and The Unclean Vengeance
6 Andras Jones Absolutely No Sense of Humor
7 Soraia Still I Rise / Dig Your Roots
8 The Gold Needles Billy Liar
9 Josie Cotton Everything is Oh Yeah
10 Sewerside Bombers Blood, Sand, Gold, Lead
11 Sunshine Boys Summertime Kids / Infinity Girl
12 Floor Models Shadow Of The Flame
13 Peyton Gilliland Ghost
14 The Slop Rocker
15 Johnny Jetson Knocked Out/Love Me For My Car
16 Wendy Wood I Wish You Enough
17 Beck Black Hollywood Blvd
18 Erica Wise Good Morning Jesus
19 London Stone I Just Might
20 Drea Jeann No Sympathy
21 Barley Station What's The Crime
22 Danksta Gone
23 Ron D Bowes Bada Bing, Bada Boom
24 Aleigh Boys Not Right
25 The Lathums It Won't Take Long
26 Feed Your Wolves Lonely
27 Nick Justice Judgement Day
28 Awolnation The Best
29 Rooni Sturm Und Drang
30 LIFE Switching On
31 SEX CELLS Deranged
32 Hammerfall (We Make) Sweden Rock
33 GFM Give Me A Sign
34 Into the Blood Into the Groove
35 Defendrs of the Cross Headed For The City
36 Aaron Graham Found
37 Ist Ist A New Love Song
38 Tough On Fridays My Favorite Mistake
39 Bobby & Steve Let's Stand Together ft Michelle John & Lifford
40 Nick Howe It Belongs To Her
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