Top 40 Songs – Week: March 23, 2020

1 Justine and The Unclean Vengeance
2 The Boomtown Rats Trash Glam Baby
3 Stop Calling Me Frank Haberdashery
4 Justine's Black Threads Needles and Pins
5 The Dollyrots Make Me Hot
6 Johnny Jetson Mouth Made For Rock And Roll /Love Me For My Car
7 Sunshine Boys Summertime Kids / Infinity Girl
8 The Gold Needles Billy Liar
9 Stuart Pearson Rise and Fall/I Spoke To The Devil About You
10 Micemohee Happy
11 Future Fears Remedy
12 PEARS Zero Wheels
13 Genya Ravan Love is a Fire
14 Barley Station What's The Crime
15 Caper Clowns Space & Time
16 KUSK Only Tomorrow
17 Wendy Wood I Wish You Enough
18 AV Super Sunshine Crazy Love
19 Cyclone Furies No More
20 The Exbats I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts
21 City and Colour Difficult Love
22 The Dev Queen of the Damned
23 The Slow Readers Club Killing Me
24 Vertilizar Never Walk Alone
25 London Stone Just How High
26 Ferdinand Rennie Summer, Roses and Wine
27 Peter 118/Carey Womack Smash the Guitar Live at Meltdown
28 All above me Long Live the King
29 Stanleys Measured In Gold
30 The Lottery Winners The Meaning Of Life
31 Barry Jay Hughes Honest
32 Twisted Wheel Ghost Man
33 Circus Redux Hawkeye
34 Into the Blood Into the Groove
35 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
36 The Grand Masquerade In the Heart Of The Opera
37 Streetcar Conductors Brand New Lease On Life
38 Arctic Flowers The Fool
39 RSE (Raw Soul Express) You Used To Always
40 Raveis Kole Hanging On To a Rainbow
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