Top 40 Songs – Week: April 6, 2020

1 Symfinity Flipside
2 Stop Calling Me Frank Haberdashery
3 Justine's Black Threads Needles and Pins
4 The Walkdown The Distance (Gets In The Way)
5 Justine and The Unclean Vengeance
6 Sunshine Boys Summertime Kids / Infinity Girl
7 Soraia Still I Rise / Dig Your Roots
8 Genya Ravan Love is a Fire
9 Johnny Jetson Knocked Out/Love Me For My Car
10 Xtrakyd, F51, Mikalyn Gravity
11 Blaney Othello
12 Mosely Bar Beside Me
13 Honey Romero
14 Andras Jones Absolutely No Sense Of Humor
15 Retrobox Quintas de Chuva
16 Calling All Astronauts Give Them A Leader
17 The Gold Needles Billy Liar
18 The Outfit Come Alive
19 London Stone I Just Might
20 Babes In Toyland Dust Cake Boys
21 Barley Station What's The Crime
22 Ist Ist A New Love Song
23 Leftover Bullets Confused
24 Los Volks Vitral
25 Steven Cade League of Their Own
26 Savanah We Are Us
27 Radio Hearts Alright
28 Time For Action United In The City
29 Gold Frankincense & Myrrh I don't need your fantasy
30 The Muldoons Don’t Be Like That Girl
31 Paper Buoys LIAA
32 Awolnation The Best
33 Polyrhythmics The Cutdown
34 Bill Abernathy Willow Creek
35 Defendrs of the Cross Headed For The City
36 Jonah's Run Wise Men
37 Hammerfall (We Make) Sweden Rock
38 Bobby & Steve Let's Stand Together ft Michelle John & Lifford
39 Into the Blood Into the Groove
40 Gallows Pole Love is a Fire
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