Top 25 Songs – Week: September 26, 2016

1 Nick Piunti Blame In Vain/One Hit Wonder
2 Jagger Holly Friday Night
3 Somerdale The Coolest Kid in The Room/The News
4 The Anderson Council Magical
5 Taught By Heroes Sweet Carolina
6 Young Presidents Aware Alive Awake/Early Exit
7 Haymarket Riot Bad Penny/Rush Hour
8 Nothing Sounds Good Somewhere Else
9 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
10 William Control Monster
11 Lyman Ellerman No Place To Go
12 Kerosene Stars Any Other Way
13 The Fame Riot Heart Stray
14 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
15 Harvest Falls Somber Grey
16 Paula Atherton Between You and Me
17 Pieter Schlosser Tarot Cards
18 Magick Temple Icicle Treetops
19 Forsaken Rite Wolves
20 Butch Walker East Coast Girl
21 The Smoking Giants Push It Forward
22 Joellen Lapidus Pelican Lullaby
23 The Tearaways We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight
24 Rustik Grounded
25 honeychain Than You