Top 25 Songs – Week: October 3, 2016

1 Somerdale Waiting For You/The Coolest Kid in The Room
2 Nick Piunti Blame In Vain/One Hit Wonder
3 Haymarket Riot Bad Penny/Mississippi Queen
4 The Anderson Council Magical
5 Young Presidents Silk Pink Dress/Early Exit
6 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
7 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
8 Jaq Mackenzie Body Heat
9 Nothing Sounds Good Somewhere Else
10 Communist Daughter The Cracks That Built The Wall
11 The Many Colored Death Joseph
12 Rustik Grounded
13 Chariots Of The Gods Tusk
14 Brad William Cox Com4-5oul
15 Angie and The Deserters The Gift
16 Womina Wells In A Trance
17 Cult Of Wedge She's a Witch
18 Change Under Death Crazy World
19 Forest Fire Gospel Choir Daddio
20 Rochelle Vincente Von K Nothing Else Matters/Outlaws
21 The Proper Man Pub Night
22 Gisel De Marco Roma
23 Celestial Ruin Sense of Exile
24 Counter Clockwork Cross & Dagger
25 The Red Sided Garter Snakes The Black Horse
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