Top 25 Songs – Week: September 19, 2016

1 Kaz Hawkins Band Soul Superstar
2 Rochelle Vincente Von K Outlaws
3 The Young Presidents Silk Pink Dress
4 The Anderson Council Magical
5 Sariah Bold N Beautiful
6 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
7 honeychain Lucky One
8 Beach Slang Punks In A Disco Bar
9 Thee Uncondemning Monk Millennial Apocalyptic Belief Legacy
10 Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
11 Chariots Of The Gods Ages Unsung
12 Kurt Baker Baby’s Gone Bad
13 Nick Piunti One Hit Wonder/Blame In Vain
14 Angie and The Deserters The Gift
15 Cosmo Topper Hey Ann Margaret
16 Love Child Like A Child
17 Sun Of These Days Red Dust
18 The Tearaways We're All Gonna Drink Tonight
19 Paula Atherton Between You and Me
20 Ayala 5157 Miles
21 Joellen Lapidus Pelican Lullaby
22 Gypsy Chief Goliath Citizens of Nowhere
23 Departed Steal Your Crown
24 Dan Vapid Robot With A Human Heart
25 FunkyBumper Minecraft 2112
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