1The TearwaysHello Isla Vista
2Cranky GeorgeNighttime
3Lauren Haze Flatline
4The Many Colored DeathDuchess
5Angie & The DesertersYou
6The Young PresidentsAware Alive Awake
7Black Cat Bones Seen Better Days
8Aron Scott EarthquakeCosmic Hog
9Chariots Of The GodsTusk
10Jagger Holly Tell Me What I Gotta Do
11Surreal Realm Storms and Rainbows
12Honeychain I'm On Fire (Dwight Twilley cover)
13Jaq MackenzieBody Heat
14Gasoline Genes In My Mind
15Haymarket RiotBad Penny
16The Ultra Universe In Two
17Nick PiuntiBlame In Vain
18Michelle Walker Here For The Fight
19Gisel De Marco Roma
20Ragweed Rust Box
21Shawn Mars Devil Doll
22Jake Aldridge Illogical ft. Haleana
23Buck BrothersPop Music (M cover)
24Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
25Autumn Kings Runnin' From The Police