Top 25 Songs – Week: May 2, 2016

1 The Tearaways We Don't Talk We Text/Sucks To Be You
2 Rebecca Hosking No Reason
3 Junkstars Romance Of Death
4 Joe and Jake You're Not Alone
5 The Young Presidents Where Do Angels
6 deVience Intro/Go Hard Or Go Home
7 24th Street Wailers Bone Bounce
8 Children Of The Moon At The End Of The World
9 RJ Comer Nightly Suicide/One Day
10 Kaz Hawkins Band Because You Love Me
11 Winger Queen Babylon
12 Michael Allman If Dreams Were Money
13 Jonathan Cavier January/Pearl
14 Idlewar Chunk of Me
15 HunTer Africa We Hear Your Call
16 Savage Crazy Horse
17 Surreal Realm Storms and Rainbows
18 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead/It Still Hurts
19 Lexxica Hearts Collide/Hello Friday
20 Troyen Backlash
21 The Decoys Wasting Your Time
22 Love N War Love N War
23 Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy Adrian Pain
24 Brian Muench Broadway Oyster Bar
25 Cemetery Sun E.Y.T.Y.K.
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