Top 25 Songs – Week: May 9, 2016

1 The Spritual Machines The Man Is Me/Valentine
2 Rebecca Hosking No Reason
3 The Tearaways We Don't Talk We Text/Stuck On Stupid
4 The Young Presidents Where Do Angels
5 Stage Republic Last Side
6 Karnataka Because Of You
7 NonHuman Era The Destiny Machine
8 Aly Cook Message In A Cloud
9 Cheryl Nye I Surrender To My Heart
10 Death By Disco Hold My Breath
11 Cloud Cycle Ahisma
12 Idlewar Chunk of Me
13 Alice Sweet Alice The Hostage
14 Rage Of Angels See You Walking By
15 Surreal Real Storm and Rainbows
16 Shane Owens Never Tire Of The Road
17 Matt Kabus Piece of My Heart
18 Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse Gray Coat
19 Big Medicine Quicksand
20 TorpedoHead Wildfire
21 The Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullaby The Kentucky Headhunters Dixie Lullaby
22 Alexa Muir Throwback
23 Twelve Years Driven Stitches
24 The Boxer Rebellion Keep Me Close
25 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
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