Top 25 Songs – Week: April 25, 2016

1 The Young Presidents Where Do Angels
2 The Tearaways We're All Gonna Drink Tonight
3 Kings Harem Down By The Riverside
4 Josh Garrels Hiding Place
5 The Bliss Trip Up Against The Wall
6 RJ Comer Nightly Suicide/One Day
7 Lexxica Hearts Collide/Hello Friday
8 Cheryl Nye I Surrender To My Heart
9 Alice Sweet Alice Daredevil
10 Mica Quality Time
11 Jonathan Cavier January/Pearl
12 Surreal Real Storms and Rainbows
13 Meredith Rounsley That You Love Me
14 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead/It Still Hurts
15 Bob Rylett Stumble
16 The Ellipsis Wasted Potential Me
17 Rebecca Hosking No Reason
18 Sam Weber August
19 Daryl Hance With the Tide
20 Stone Broken Let Me Go
21 Judy Nazametz I’m Old
22 Carla Olson Loserville
23 Portable High Dirty Little Something
24 Guitar Shorty I’m Gonna Leave You
25 Sixty Minute Man You Made me Say Please