Top 25 Songs – Week: March 20, 2017

1 Lemmo Alright/La Cienega
2 honeychain Messy Love
3 Tearaways In Dublin
4 Madison Rising Where Are You Now
5 Dalton Cyr Invisible
6 Saf Ro You'll Be OK
7 Kris Schulz Gray Never Felt So Good
8 American Hope Gotta Run
9 Kenny Holliday Spaceman
10 Johnny Pisano's Punk Rock Pizzeria The Streets Of Sao Paulo
11 Joy Zimmerman Dear John or Jane
12 Lisa Coppola Save Us
13 Dream Aria Black Mirror
14 Frozen Hell Useless Memories
15 Habaka Ain’t Nobody’s Business
16 Bedrokk Chasing the Sun
17 A Sunday Fire Summers Over
18 Sovereign Dame Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down
19 Mick Evans And Rekeka Rain Heat Wave
20 The Peppersplum Don't You Let Me Go
21 Pauly Fagan Never Want To Let You Go
22 Brielle Von Hugel Naked
23 Kaz Hawkins Don’t Make Mama Cry
24 Tai Sui Navigators
25 Enabling Cain Nordic Warrior
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