1 Joe Symes and the Loving Kind Fine Line
2 Standing Ovation 23 23
3 Tearaways Brand New Irish Lullaby
4 Dalton Cyr You’re Not Alone
5 OmnisighT Shift The Paradigm
6 Airport Impressions Fear For Life
7 Mick Evans And Rekeka Rain Heat Wave
8 Haymarket Riot Eyes on the Prize
9 Young Presidents Stuck On You
10 Treason Kings Circles
11 6 Prong Paw I Met the Devil
12 Aimee Francis Love Song Fairytale
13 Madison Rising Where Are You Now
14 The Surrealist Origami
15 Sorizon Falling
16 Mr. Happy Chainsaw Standing There
17 Kenny Holliday Spaceman
18 Johnny Pisano's Punk Rock Pizzeria Midlife Crisis
19 Lauren Adams Somewhere Else
20 Spo Bro Torn
21 Lemmo Alright
22 Lisa Coppola Save Us
23 The Peppersplum Don't You Let Me Go
24 Millie Courtney I Wanna Be Sixteen
25 Lori Greco Running Back