Top 25 Songs – Week: March 27, 2017

1 The Peppersplum Don't You Let Me Go
2 Jude Roberts Summer Girl
3 Lemmo La Cienega/Alright
4 Keith Jennings Don’t Lie
5 honeychain Messy Love
6 Saf Ro You'll Be OK
7 Kenny Holliday Spaceman
8 The Crane Wives Safe Ship Harbored
9 The Two Tens Keeping Hope Alive
10 Poets of the Fall Children of the Sun
11 Never Train DNAR
12 Amelia Coburn Song Of The Sea Rover
13 Scythia Army of the Bear
14 Vinyl Ambush Belle Matthews Talk Sick
15 Ryan Sauders Gathering Cans
16 Lisa Coppola Save Us
17 The Tearaways In Dublin
18 Keeton Coffman What We’re Reaching For
19 Mick Evans And Rekeka Rain Heat Wave
20 El Kachon Strawberry Blonde
21 Annemarie Picerno Rain
22 Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Believe Me
23 Morganway My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You
24 Spo Bro Torn
25 The Rallies Still Gonna Want You
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