Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 11, 2021

1 The Amplifier Heads GlamOrama/House of Young Dolls
2 The Daylillies Cat Inside a Window
3 Stupidity w/ Keith Streng Magical Girl
4 Various Artists (Rum Bar Records Sampler) Rocktober II
5 Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer I Think it Sucks (and I Don’t Like It)
6 LIGHTERS That's the Way Woman Is
7 The Chelsea Curve 7000 Hours
8 Willa Amai Blows By/Fallout
9 Kid Gulliver Stupid Little Girl
10 Slamdinistas Little Troublemaker
11 TJ Doyle Music World Of Illusion
12 Star Collector Game Day
13 Pacific Coast Band The Flying Saucer Song
14 Ray Powers That’s a Hard No
15 Mitch & Millie Broken Halos/Wicked Game
16 RinRin Blacksheep
17 The Ember Glows Shivers
18 Swedish Magazines Head On Ice
19 The Shed Project My Life
20 The Jacklights Monster Love
21 The Peppermint Kicks I Don't Hear a Single
22 Peyton Gilliland Type/Not Bothered
23 Hickeys To Whom It May Concern
24 Last Year’s Model Home
25 BERMUDAS Every Day Is Saturday Night
26 Beat Angels The Gutter Snobs
27 Jennifer Alvarado Filthy Water
28 Chris Jones Band Me & My Mary Jane
29 Katy Rose Overdrive/Run In a Dream
30 Papa Schmapa You Told Me
31 Tom Curless & the 46% Fall like Dominos
32 Katanak Pinch Grip
33 Mort Jardin Iron Line
34 Johnathan Len Single Woman
35 No I Hope In Sight Your True Character
36 Overhaul I’m Scared
37 Bastille Distorted Light Beam
38 Desperate Journalist Personality Girlfriend
39 Hybrid Spirits Mirage
40 The Hi End Actions Speak Louder than Words
41 Crystal Canyon Haunt You
42 Hayley & The Crushers She Drives
43 The Guillotines Breakin' Out
44 Michael Coleman Missing West Virginia
45 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
46 Jody & The Jerms Nemesis
47 Tigerside Any Contact
48 On The Cinder It Begins
49 Murv Douglas Stick Figure Attack
51 Ladylord We Da Illest
52 Sam Hankins Hot Spot
53 Cebolenkosi Da Sjulas Mvemve, Godknows Idliso
54 Raveis Kole True is Beautiful
55 Xandria Cross ‘700 Million Scars’
56 Rich Kid Express Cold Hearted
57 Marc Platt I Can't Hide
58 The Reflectors Radio Signals
59 Bamil Angels Coming Down
60 The Glory Chain Love Like Rain
61 Doug Adkins One Kiss
62 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
64 Hard-Ons Harder and Harder
65 IDLES The Beachland Ballroom
66 Dead Defined Rise and Stall
67 The Whythouse Slow Motion
68 Irv Lyons Jr. Rescue
69 The Electric Stars Pop Star
70 Swedish Magazines More to Life
71 The Violent Hearts Everything and Nothing
72 John Lennon #9 Dream
73 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
74 Violent Force Push Back
75 Das Kapitans Headaches
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