Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: October 4, 2021

1 The Amplifier Heads GlamOrama
2 Star Collector Game Day/The Silent Type
3 Willa Amai Blows By/Fallout
4 Various Artists (Rum Bar Records Sampler) Rocktober II
5 Peyton Gilliland Type/Not Bothered
6 Velvet Starlings She Said (She Said)
7 The Hi-End Band Actions Speak Louder Than Words
8 Stupidity w/ Keith Streng Magical Girl
9 The Daylillies Cat Inside a Window
10 Crystal Canyon Haunt
11 The Junior League Andrea (You Can’t Fly)
12 The Chelsea Curve Inconceivable/7000 Hours
13 Hayley & The Crushers She Drives
14 Josie Cotton Calling All Girls
15 Richard Turgeon Fire Drill
16 Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer I Think it Sucks (and I Don’t Like It)
17 Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs Stand Up
18 The Streetwalkin Cheetahs Ain’t It Summer
19 Bee Bee Sea Daily Jobs
20 Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite Moshiyokattara
21 Low Spirits Shadows of Your Mind
22 Marc Bolan The Perfumed Garden
23 Wet Leg Wet Dream
24 David A Balustrade
25 The Peppermint Kicks I Don't Hear A Single
26 TJ Doyle World Of Illusion
27 Chloe Collins Somebody Else's
28 Hazy Sour Cherry Little Run
29 The Ember Glows Shivers
30 Slamdinistas Little Trouble Maker
31 Little Thief Under The Patio
32 Overhaul I’m Scared
33 Willow Transparent Soul
34 Swedish Magazines Head On Ice
35 Dean Landew David's Ford
36 Katanak Pinch Grip
37 Tyler Cressman and Ciroyelle In The Desert of Shadhavar
38 Killing Bishop White Powder Ladies
39 Ladylord We Da Illest
40 The Brothers Steve Next Aquarius
41 Hamish Hawk The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973
42 The Sweet Funny Funny
43 Heidi Tann The Love You Give
44 Jamie Perrett Angel of Santiago
45 The Ormidales Strangers After All
46 El Ray Sunshine Honey Blow
47 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
48 Miss Georgia Peach You Blow My Mind
49 Feed Your Wolves Hurricane
50 Horrorpops Ghouls
51 The Shed Project My Life
52 The Little Wretches Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch
53 The Supertights Sweet Extasy
54 Chevy van Dorssen Songs f. Jenni Webb The Right One
55 Dean Young That Guitar
56 I Am Trouble Push/Pull
57 8$Rum (feat Melani Cholie) Gift of my Life
58 Raveis Kole True is Beautiful
59 Pacific Coast Band The Flying Saucer Song
60 Katy Rose Running In a Dream
61 Mal Thursday Quintet w/ Peter Zaremba Karen
63 The High Violets Sublime Haze
64 The Orange Peels Whenever
65 Chris Church Left in the Summer
66 The Violent Hearts Everything and Nothing
67 Dead Star Talk Giant Child
68 Marc Platt I Can't Hide
69 Susan Surftone Beat Rider
70 Dimitris Nezis Jackpot
71 Water’s Edge Call It Fate
72 The Replacements I Hate Music
73 3Mind Blight Reaper
74 Boukou Groove I’ll Take You There
75 Paisley Black Show You Mine
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