Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 8, 2021

1 The Amplifier Heads The House of Young Dolls/Glam0rama
2 Scott Sorry Black Dog Dancers
3 The Chelsea Curve Top It Up
4 Inca Babies Walk In The Park
5 Star Collector Game Day
6 Airport 77's Losers Win
7 Tombstones In Their Eyes I Can Hurt All The Time
8 Velvet Starlings Colours On the Canvas
9 Hayley and The Crushers Click and Act Now!
10 Soda Cracker Jesus Kaleidoscope
11 Kid Gulliver Lila Dreams
12 Space Panther Gimme Some Drugs
14 The Grip Weeds The Shape of Things To Come
15 Bamil Crying
16 Kelly Muff New Trash
17 Ger Eaton The Time It Takes To Fall
18 Japanese Breakfast Be Sweet
19 Mark & The Clouds Clocks
20 Katy Rose Overdrive
21 Natalie Grace Sweet Video Phone
22 Lee Harrington & Lynda Mandolyn Sweet Child
23 PHIL DI NOIA Price Of Power
24 Novelty Island Listen
25 Katty Bessette Every Moment
26 I Am a Rocketship What's This
27 Cory M. Coons Freedom Road
28 Kate Stapley Potted History of Mum
29 The Pulsebeats Reason to Believe
30 The Shang Hi Los Plymouth Rock
31 Jessica Lynne Witty Wildfire
32 Even Cherry Afterglow
33 Swedish Magazines Head On Ice
34 Burn'd Bridges Cigarettes & Whiskey
35 Dawn After Dark Nothing Can Fulfil Me
36 Snakedoctors, Wojtek Wypych Catlea Girl With Sponges
37 Cheyenne Elliott Sugarcane
38 Lord Juron Mine Forever
39 Toolman 78744
40 Mitch & Millie God Bless The Child
41 The Be Positives Rain & Stormy Weather
42 Winachi Parasites Paradise (Ft iKong)
43 Mawcore Rise Up
44 Parlour Suns Wait For Me
45 Jennifer Silva Purgatory Road
46 Katanak Pinch Grip
47 Zeebrax Moon Don't Cry
48 TJ Doyle Music World Of Illusion
49 Double-Z I Will Stand By You
50 Thee Holy Brothers Because I Love You So
51 The Steve Larkin Project Choices
52 D-Con Back To Punk
53 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
54 Michael Baywud Silver & Gold
55 Al Barrett Cry
56 Spiritualized Always Together With You
57 Muskellunge Dutch Elm
58 Josie Cotton Johnny Are You Queer
59 Grey DeLisle You Only Live Twice
60 Broken Romeo Beautiful Mistake
62 The Satellites Four Fort Venus
63 Steven Faulkner A Night By The Sea
64 Alex Spinney I Remember
65 Rodney Cromwell Memory Box
66 The Spam 69 Hang On
67 Lovebites 上海 Block
68 Wavves Hide Away
69 Dawn Rix Tennessee Miles
70 Ray Powers That’s a Hard No
71 The Metal Byrds Little Lies
72 Rumble Strip He Talks to Me
73 The Flashcubes Alone In My Room
74 David Brookings One of Us Is Crazy (The Other One is Me)
75 Jingle Jangle The Troggs
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