Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 1, 2021

1 Velvet Starlings Colours On the Canvas
2 Tombstones In Their Eyes I Can Hurt All The Time
3 The Grip Weeds The Shape of Things To Come
4 Katy Rose Overdrive
5 Star Collector Game Day
6 Lee Harrington & Lynda Mandolyn Sweet Child
7 Space Panther Gimme Some Drugs
8 Inca Babies Walk In The Park
9 Breakers On the Dance Floor
10 The Shang Hi Los Plymouth Rock
11 The Chelsea Curve Top It Up
12 The Amplifier Heads GlamOrama/House of Young Dolls
13 Airport 77's Losers Win
14 THE LET'S GO's ロックンロールスター
15 TJ Doyle Music World Of Illusion
16 LIGHTERS That's the Way Woman Is
17 Surfbort Big Star
18 Natalie Grace Sweet Video Phone
19 Even Cherry Afterglow
20 Dead Freights Bat Man
21 Pacific Coast Band The Flying Saucer Song
22 Muskellunge Dutch Elm
23 Various Artists (Rum Bar Records Sampler) Rocktober II
24 Cravism X Maya Diegel It's Okay
25 Alex Spinney I Remember
26 Wolf Alice Smile
27 Gin Gillette Train to Satanville
28 Broken Bear We Know Who You Are
29 Brinsley Schwarz Crazy World
30 The Steve Larkin Project Headlights
31 Richard Turgeon When I Was Younger
32 Sharp Class Heat
33 The Black Angels Love Me Forever
34 Robert Abernathy Heaven Has A Radio
35 Ger Eaton The Time It Takes To Fall
36 Gulf Stream Riders Sharks, Aliens, Etc
37 Toolman 78744
38 The New Division System Shock
39 Thee Holy Brothers Because I Love You So
40 The Royston Club Mrs. Narcissistic
41 Alex Spencer The Morning Times
42 Faux Pas Alternate Ending
43 WREX Vacant
44 Officer Down Shallow Graves
45 Grey DeLisle You Only Live Twice
46 The Delerium Trees Forbid
47 Cold Expectations In the Padlocked Night
48 Kid Gulliver Stupid Little Girl/You'll Never Know
49 Willa Amai Blows By/Fallout
50 The Glory Chain Love Like Rain
51 Crystal Canyon Haunt You
52 The Dirty Truckers Remember One
53 Ray Powers That’s a Hard No
54 The Satellites Four Outlaw Guns
56 Kim Scott I'm Every Woman ft Althea Rene & Ragan Whiteside
57 Gratitudetx Gnashing Of Hope
58 Anything's Possible Music The Space Race
59 Memphissippi Sounds I’m Mad
60 Murv Douglas Stick Figure
61 Wet Leg Wet Dream
62 Small Town Sindrome To Nothing At All
63 Jay Tennant Journey Into The Night
64 Regent You Blow My Mind
65 A Bunch Of Jerks (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
66 Peyton Gilliland Favorite Nightmare
67 Hoodoo Gurus World of Pain
68 Shocking Blue Deamon Lover
69 Josh Johnston Strange Weirdos
70 Bad Meister Wasshoi Wasshoi
71 Dig Lazarus Sky Tonight
72 The Reflectors Shivers And Scars
73 Creatures Of Condition A Show Of Hands
74 Beat 60 Music Rebirth
75 Stupidity Magical Girl
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