Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: November 15, 2021

1 The Shang Hi Los Plymouth Rock
2 The Amplifier Heads The House of Young Dolls/Glam0rama
3 The Pulsebeats Life As A Movie
4 Star Collector Game Day
5 SACOYANS Bright hell
6 The Chelsea Curve Top It Up
7 Space Panther Gimme Some Drugs/Do Ya Wanna Rock
8 Inca Babies Walk In The Park
9 Ger Eaton The Time It Takes To Fall
10 Soda Cracker Jesus Kaleidoscope
11 Kid Gulliver Lila Dreams
12 Muskellunge Dutch Elm
13 The Grip Weeds The Shape of Things To Come
14 The Automatics Chocolate Box Soldier
15 Justine's Black Threads Go Downtown
16 Grey DeLisle You Only Live Twice
17 TolbertToz We Run
18 Dawn Rix Tennessee Miles
19 Sleez Sisters Sleez Sisters Theme
20 Ray Powers That’s a Hard No
21 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
22 Holy Wars Get Mine
23 Marc Platt I Can’t Hide
24 Cold Expectations Coat of Snow
25 Scott Sorry Black Dog Dancers
26 Hardcore Superstar Weep When You Die
27 Carolina Durante The Plant That Dies In The Corner
28 Polvere di Pinguino Girls Like Vampires
29 Spiritualized Always Together With You
30 Blood Red Shoes Morbid Fascination
31 Cult Trexy What A World
32 Jill Brown Music Neverending Song
33 The Monkees Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow
34 Cory M. Coons Freedom Road
35 Velvet Starlings There's Nobody There/Colours On The Canvas
36 Gabriels Blame
37 Cheyenne Elliott Sugarcane
38 Nightmares On Wax 3D Warrior
39 Airport 77's Losers Win
40 Swedish Magazines She's Evil
41 Toolman 78744
42 Milky Chance Colorado
43 Toniik57 Ooochie Coochie
44 Soda Cracker Jesus Kaledoscope
45 Japanese Breakfast Be Sweet
46 Zac Harmon Deal With The Devil
47 Luv Dot Gov The Good Times Are Over
48 The Baby Breaks Dopeamine
51 Hayley and The Crushers Click and Act Now!
52 The Assist Irrational Movements
53 The Steve Larkin Project Choices
54 The Berzerkers Long Time Ago
55 Splittin' Image Truth
56 PrivatProjekt [Arrived] C´mon [Nigel Lowis Mix] ft Stefanie S
57 The Weeklings That Thing You Do
58 TJ Doyle World Of Illusion
59 Velvet Sunset Summer Night
60 Mitch & Millie God Bless The Child
61 Johnny Marr Tenement Time
62 Dolph Chaney This Is Dolph Chaney
63 Natalie Jean I Can’t Resist You
64 Natalie Grace Sweet Video Phone
65 The Metal Byrds Little Lies
66 Daylilies The Cat Inside the Window
67 Sweet Nobody Million Dollar Stare
68 The Flashcubes Alone In My Room
69 Donnie Vie Party Time
70 St. Peter's Dream Parisian Addiction
71 The Hideaways Dissolve
72 St. Peter's Dream Parisian Addiction
73 The Catholic Girls Where Did I Go Wrong
74 Stop Calling Me Frank F Keith Streng & Peter Zeremba Hard Lovin' Man
75 Katy Rose Overdrive
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