Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 8, 2023

1 Glen Matlock Head on a Stick/Consequences Coming
2 The Bablers Mr. King
3 Lovi Did This Godzilla
4 Justine and The Unclean The Chasm
5 Ian Hunter Guernica
6 Cruzados Dead Inside
7 Monty Vega & the Sittin Shivas Too Jersey
8 Mad Painter Parting Line
9 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
10 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
11 The Morning Line End of the Night
12 Jeff Kossack Below The Border
13 Greg Julas The Last Survivor
14 Edward O'Connell Florida Man
15 The Fleshtones The Show Is Over
16 Fornis Milk N Cookies
17 Glowbox Joke's On You
18 The Fiendz Skeletons
19 Flechettes Goodbye (For Now)
20 Richie Ramone Master Plan
21 The Midnight Callers Baby Let Me Be
22 Slamdinistas There You Go Again
23 The Rocketz I'll See You Again Some Day
24 Grey DeLisle I Can't Be Kind
25 Josie Cotton Painting In Blood
26 Hillbilly Vegas Shake It Like A Hillbilly
27 Macc Tiger ft. Toolman Steppa Music
28 The Let's Go's Let's a Go Go
30 Jamie Farrell Breathless
31 Gundy Humphries It Don’t Mean Nothin At All
32 Harry Klein Accelerate
33 Hometown Heroes Fist Fight
34 Live In Color Enough For You
35 Supa Philly Look to the Sky
36 Key Of Caustic Where Did It Go
37 Harlem Lake I Wish I Could Go Running
38 Tim McGeary American Made
39 The Lone Bellow Honey
40 Aarythmers Never Stop
41 Strange Majik NYC Animal
42 Sapling 11:37
43 Smiz The Moneykid Bang Bang Trap
44 Katie Waide Revival
45 The Half Cubes The Weakest Shade Of Blue
46 Sleepy Kitty Do it Without You
47 Speedfossil Pieces of Eight
48 Fever Dog We Want Action
49 David Childers & The Serpents f Grey Delisle Blanketts
51 Carissa Johnson Something Good
52 DavidA Sacrilege
53 Su Ko D Koi Love with a Prostitute
54 Son Volt Sometimes You've Got To Stop Chasing Rainbows
55 Carsick Anaconda Frank
56 The Shang Hi Los Aces Eights & Heartbreaks
57 Nick Eng Forget About You
58 Quest for Tuna Toaster Oven
59 Nick Piunti Heart Stops Beating
60 Smooth Retsina Glow Bound By Desire
61 Recall The Remains Empty Woods
62 The Amplifier Heads Underground
63 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
64 Christopher Peifer Wide Reciever
65 Whynotfrank Over
66 Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment Backseat
67 The High Frequencies Eleven
68 Murv Douglas Back In The Day
69 The Dollyrots Hey Girl
70 Just A Ride Waiting
71 Lynn Campbell/Dan Washburn Romance Is Dead
72 The Heat Inc. Get Wild
73 California f Les Fradkin Ivy Ivy
74 Mandi Macias Teenage Eulogy
75 The Tribble Brothers Be My Valentine