Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 1, 2023

1 The Anderson Council Alone With You
2 Josie Cotton Painting In Blood/Cold War Spy
3 Slamdinistas There You Go Again
4 Cruzados Dead Inside
5 Lovi Did This Godzilla
6 Nick Piunti Heart Stops Beating
7 Justine and the Unclean The Chasm
8 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay...
9 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
10 Grey Delisle f. Cherie Currie Forty-Somethin' Runaway
11 Ditsea Yella Dust of Lies
12 Jeff ‘The Fish’ Lefroy Mine
13 The Fiendz Skeletons
14 DavidA Sacrilege
15 Flechettes Goodbye (For Now)
16 Jody And The Jerms Don't Look Back
17 Fever Dog We Want Action
18 Ian Hunter Guernica
19 Mourning Noise Misery Loves Me
20 Arctic Lights Somebody
21 David Childers & The Serpents f Grey Delisle Blanketts
22 Hello Roses You
23 Nick Eng Forget About You
24 Chris Church Flip
25 The Let's Go's Let's a Go Go
26 Ben Folds Winslow Gardens
27 Katie Waide Revival
28 Su Ko D Koi Love with a Prostitute
29 Kathryn Shipley & Danny Kensy Hope Wins
30 Paris&Hart Sandcastle
31 Smooth Retsina Glow S.R.G - Bound by Desire
32 The Toxic Avenger Mine
33 PJ Harvey A Child’s Question, August
34 Bohannons Ride The Night
35 The Rocketz I'll See You Again Some Day
36 Key of Caustic Where Did It Go
37 Dawn Rix When Worlds Collide
38 Crickle Nothing In Your Eyes
39 John Michael Ferrari Masquerading in the Night
40 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday
41 Tommy Mora Fallin’
42 Jemma Johnson Love Rush
43 Aarythmers Sharing You
44 The National Tropic Morning News
45 Larney & Falcone Love Signs
46 Michael Botte Band Leave This Town
47 G Smith ft. Dame Mac Customs
48 The Avelles 10:45
49 Pretti Emage First Place
51 TV Party Mary
52 The Reverand Shawn Amos You're Gonna Miss Me
53 Aaron Michaels Faith Over Fear
54 Mad Painter Parting Line/Jacques
55 Bobcat Pound The Pavement
56 Off Contact Device
57 pMad Fire
58 Jeff Kossack Below The Border
59 Edward O'Connell Florida Man
60 Kurt Baker Secrets
61 Fornis Milk N Cookies
62 The Catholic Girls Shame On You
63 Mr. Weaverface These Lungs
64 Popsicko Hard to Tell
65 JATK Don't Come Knockin'
66 The Heat Inc. Get Wild
67 Perfectparachutepicture White Noise
68 The Smart Shoppers Slacks
69 Lisa Richard Sunday Confession
70 Strange Majik NYC Animal
71 New German Cinema Being Dead
72 Depeche Mode Ghosts Again
73 The Half Cubes The Weakest Shade Of Blue
74 Gulf Stream Riders Sound Enough
75 Local Minor Superstar