Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 15, 2023

1 Glen Matlock Head on a Stick/Consequences Coming
2 The Chelsea Curve How Can I Resist You
3 The Midnight Callers Baby Let Me Be
4 Mad Painter Parting Line/Jacques
5 The Family Township Cross the Line
6 California f Les Fradkin Ivy Ivy
7 The Let's Go's Let's a Go Go
8 Carissa Johnson Something Good
9 Grey Delisle f. Cherie Currie Forty-Somethin' Runaway
10 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
11 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
12 Josie Cotton Cold War Spy
13 Edward O'Connell Florida Man
14 Mikael Rickfors Misty Morning
15 Jeff Kossack Below the Border
16 Lynn Campbell/Dan Washburn Romance Is Dead
17 Tall Poppy Syndrome Let It Ride
18 Greg Julas The Last Survivor
19 Winachi For You I'd Kill
20 The Half Cubes The Weakest Shade Of Blue
21 Cruzados Dead Inside
22 Gorillaz New Gold
23 Hidden Charms Don't Hide Your Charms
24 The Metal Byrds Stop Motion
25 The Short Fuses Drop The Needle
26 Jesse Lynn Madera Unchained
27 Ian Hunter Defiance
28 The Morning Line End Of The Night
29 Sayana Pleasure
30 Jay Korner High On Life
31 Bernice Marsala Music Left
32 The Thigh Scrapers Mercy
33 RIS-707 Plastic Sakura
34 Su Ko D Koi Koshu Kaido
35 Andrew Wooten Bury Them All
36 Shany Bartal Ms. Munroe
37 Death Of The High Street Not Fair
38 Carl Kammeyer Love Conquers All
39 Nation Of Language Sole Obsession
40 Eddie Japan Time Machine (Ft. Greg Hawkes)
41 Sleepy Kitty Do it Without You
42 Bruce Tunkel Easy Way Out
43 The Droogettes Make Boys Dance
44 The Rose Quarter Juvenilia
45 Diane Hubka & the Sun Canyon Band You Never Can Tell
46 Hi-End I Need A Witness
47 The Lizardmen Mind On Fire/Found You Out
48 Alex Lipinski Idiot Station
49 Justine and The Unclean The Chasm
51 Glowbox Joke's On You
52 Flechettes Goodbye (For Now)
53 Shang Hi Los Castaway
54 DavidA Sacrilege
55 Richard Duguay The Faith Healer
56 The Fiendz Skeletons
57 Fornis Milk N Cookies
58 Chloe Styler Meant To Be
59 Suburban Key Party Somebody Else
60 Ten 02 Cherry Sunrise
61 Monday’s Mona Lisa Anyway
62 PJ Harvey A Child’s Question, August
63 Glytsh VHS
64 The Lone Bellow Honey
65 Joe Buck Yourself Who Dat
66 JATK Don't Come Knockin
67 Alex Lipinski Idiot Station’
68 Jeff ‘The Fish’ Lefroy Sixth Sense
69 Audra McGlaughlin Wake Me Up
70 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
71 The High Frequencies Eleven
72 Amplifier Heads When We Go Home Again
73 Grey DeLisle I Can't Be Kind
74 Clarence and the Modern Life If You Need God
75 Thought Patrol Coyote Fever

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