Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 31, 2021

1 The Idolizers Riot Radio
2 Curt Florczak Worry Stone
3 Johnathan Pushkar Any Second Now/Alexandra
4 Velvet Starlings Back Of The Train/Sold Down The River
5 Modern Day Idols Not The Only One
6 Rinrin The Game
7 Dave Molter Let Me Down Easy
8 Justine and The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
9 Third Lung Hold The Line
10 French Girls Summertime
11 The Gold Needles Dead Man’s Hand/Susie Is Sorted
12 The Ember Glows New Wave Drive
13 Murv Douglas Something Real / Bipolar
14 Talk Show Host Warmest Condolences
15 Airi's The Sky
16 Shang Hi Los Stay
17 Hayley & The Crushers Kiss Me So I Can
18 Michelle Lambert Come To Me
19 Go Dog Go Party Parade/Pepperine
20 The Southern Gothic Up On Your Love
21 Kimberley Rew & Lee Caveberry Penny The Ragman
22 Radio Days No One To Blame
23 Jump The Fall Drown
24 Edgar Road Break Out
25 Shimmer Johnson Glass
26 Shamisenists Isola Remota
27 Sepsiss You Already Know
28 Autumn Academy into the lights
29 Mort Jardin Theodore
30 Regent Rocks My Soul
31 Hunter Lott and Jennifer Mlott Eyes On You
32 Japanese Breakfast Posing in Bondage
33 Kevin Robertson Sundown's End
34 Kate Nash Misery
35 The Beagles Looking For the Beagles
36 Linnea's Garden Replacement
37 Sam Hankins It’s Okay ft Bickley Rivera & David McLorren
38 D!LLON Lie 2 Me
39 The Stan Laurels Tomorrow
40 The Cynz Let Me Go
41 Jerod Dudgeon Your Only Truth
42 Indie Butterflies Dream Another Day
43 Azariah Am I Beautiful
44 Ambrose All I Ever Wanted
45 Wild Horse The Movies
46 Steven Garcia Your Possession
47 Euphoria Station Content
48 Michael Gallagher Time
49 The Mirror Pictures Cockroach
50 The Other Immigrants Everybody This, Everybody That
51 Johnny Jetson Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl
52 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
53 The Handcuffs She Ain’t No Fluffer
54 C-Note Banks Send My Praize
55 Southern Culture on the Skids Run Baby Run
56 The Adam Brown Get Up
57 Suspects The Mental Health Act
58 Cody Feechan Breathe
59 Nelson Bragg Lost All Our Sundays
60 Michael Kane and The Morning Afters Carol Kaye
61 Jim Chesnut What Got in the Way
62 Los Chicos I Don't Wanna Work Anymore
63 Scattered Ashes Parallel Lines
64 Lisa Richard Together
65 The Nuclears I Just Wanna Have Nothin' To Do
66 The Guillotines Breakin' Out
67 Tough On Fridays Cabin Fever
68 BERRIES Dangerous
69 Deadlights Breaking Down
70 John Taglieri Talking To Myself Out Loud
71 Marvin Etzioni What’s Goin On
72 The Let's Go's Frontier
73 Carson Janik Walkin’ Away
74 The Speedways Starry Eyes
75 Yebba Studios, Jodie Poye Closest I've Been To Heaven
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