Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: June 7, 2021

1 Velvet Starlings Back Of The Train
2 Linnea's Garden Replacement/Science and You
3 The Idolizers Riot Radio/(Whatever Happened To The) Radio
4 Modern Day Idols Not The Only One
5 Dave Molter Let Me Down Easy
6 Rinrin The Game
7 Justine and The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
8 Go Dog Go Party Parade
9 Johnathan Pushkar Any Second Now/Alexandra
10 French Girls Summertime
11 The Chelsea Curve Don't Look Down
12 Cold Expectations Summer Dress
13 Lisa Mychols Back To The Truth
14 Murv Douglas Something Real
15 Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry Penny The Ragman
16 The Checkered Hearts My Best Friend´s Girl
17 Curt Florczak Worry Stone
18 DEADLIGHTS (Jeff Shelton) Come Down Slowly
19 Tamar Berk Skipping The Cracks
20 The Catenary Wires Face on the Rail Line
21 Ramones Pinhead
22 Alega Brave
23 Bamil Broken Wings
24 Evan Wright Love & Visa
25 The Cumberland River Project Santa Cruz
26 The Southern Gothic Up On Your Love
27 Shamisenists Isola Remota
28 John Taglieri Talking To Myself Out Loud
29 Slackrr Waves
30 Fendahlene Dead and Gone
31 Gulf Stream Riders The Mission
32 Jon Batiste I Need You
33 Tough On Fridays Cabin Fever
34 Macximus ft. H Star Set U Free
35 Maximo Park ft Bickley Rivera & David McLorren I Don't Know What I'm Doing
36 The Cynz Let Me Go
37 Dysruptive Sanity Mask
38 REACTION All those Years Ago
39 Kitchenkillaz Elemental
40 Polarized Eyes It’s Not An Accident, It’s Love
41 AnoNYMous Raven Wizardry
42 Punk Death Death #1
43 Sam Hankins It’s Okay
44 Ambrose All I Ever Wanted/Nothing Left To Lose
45 Random Hero Tension
47 Def Robot Skintight
48 Self-Titled Album Succumb to Nothing
49 Euphoria Station Content
50 The Speedways 11th Street Kids
51 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
52 The Handcuffs Love Me While You Can
53 The Shadows of Knight Run Run Billy Porter
54 Weezer I Need Some Of That
55 Les Chouettes Idiomatiques
56 Strictly Elizabeth Coretta
57 Marvin Etzioni What’s Goin On
58 The Other Immigrants Everybody This, Everybody That
59 The Adam Brown Get Up
60 Los Chicos I Don't Wanna Work Anymore
61 The Gold Needles Dead Man’s Hand
62 The Let's Go's Frontier
63 The Tearaways Summer Fashions
64 Ayx The Robot I Can't Feel Anything
65 Every Damn Day Thanks
66 Smitt E. Smitty Tall Man Dreams
67 The Clash Safe European Home
68 The Bluesbones Sealed Souls
69 The Cudas Autorama
70 SVI Fight With Fire
71 Guy Paul Thibault I Don’t Wanna Hurt
72 Nige Silvestri A Thing of Beauty
73 Tristan Wood Crash & Burn
74 Kid Gulliver Beauty School Dropout
75 The Antennae Lavender
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