Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 30, 2022

1 The Chelsea Curve Nuthin’ Goin’ On/Jamie C'mon
2 Tamar Berk Tragic Endings
3 Tony Valentino Dirty Water
4 Velvet Starlings HG Wells
5 Drool Brothers Yesterdays Future Now
6 Remy de Laroque Always Shine
7 The Darts US Love Tsunami
8 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
9 Hiiro Moe Trouble Boys
10 Les Fradkin Jangleholic
11 Mark Rockower Stone Deaf Love
12 Julie Hallelujah
13 David A Coeur D'Alene
14 The Lonesome Captain & His Hurt Feelings Brigitte Bardot's Cigarette
15 Jim Basnight Stop the Words
16 Brandi Carlile Broken Horses
17 Canyons and Locusts Trapped In The Rapture
18 Cathal Coughlan Laszlo Plantagenet Loves the Sun
19 The Flashcubes (feat. The Spongetones) Have You Ever Been Torn Apart
20 Belle And Sebastian Unnecessary Drama
21 Tetsuko I Like U
22 Jerry Lehane Runaway With You
23 The Weeklings Baby, Let Me Take You Home
24 Red Ant Band Nothing More
25 Peyton Gilliland Devil's Daughter
26 The Ormidales Waiting For Catherine To Call
27 Southwest Biscuit Company Old and Cranky
28 Divine Martyr Fear
29 MX The American Back Here
30 The Heartland Roots Band All That Glitters
31 DJ Trotsky Desert Dancer
32 Pink Moon Babies Big Pink Moon
33 Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels LAY ME DOWN
34 MuRi3Le Buchi Neri
35 VERN Not The End
36 Bowfinger C’mon
37 Ring Them Bells Evil Twin
38 Treble Helix The Weather Is Changing
39 Firebug Moment Of Joy
40 Kid Gulliver Nothing But Trouble
41 Crystal Canyon Hindsight
42 Kindred Family Thing
43 Mandala Better Now
44 Everyone Lies TNTina
45 Small Talk Paris
47 Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners Wasted Times
48 ILA Never Be Me
49 Madlib Funky Blue Note
50 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
51 Hugh Hefty Travesura
52 Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps Hello Lonliness
53 Aaron Michaels Trust
54 Microdisney Helicopter of the Holy Ghost
55 Telefis Falun Gong Dancer
56 SenselessOptimsm Leave You Behind
57 Kʟᴜʙʙᴇʀ Lᴀɴɢ Make Amends
58 KingQueen It’s Raining
59 David Brookings Hard Times
60 Alldeepends Time Is A Flat Circle Pit
61 Klepac Do What I Want
62 Shemekiah Copeland Hit ‘Em Back
63 Star Collector Game Day
64 Shang Hi Los Billy
65 Charlie Musselwhite Blues Up The River
66 Macc Tiger Heels
67 Nine Mile Station California
68 Youth Chairs Embarrassment of Riches
69 KeyOfCaustic To Fade Away
70 Nightspell Phonebooth
71 Eileen Gogan Wheels (Happy Cycling)
72 Mr. Weaverface I may never die
73 Ashley LeBlanc Glitter
74 The Heels Skidmarks On My Heart
75 The Cazales Bugbear
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