Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 23, 2022

1 Tony Valentino Dirty Water
2 Kid Gulliver Nothing But Trouble
3 The Lonesome Captain & His Hurt Feelings Brigitte Bardot's Cigarette
4 Southwest Biscuit Company Old and Cranky
5 Hiiro Moe Trouble Boys
6 Remy de Laroque Always Shine
7 The Ormidales Waiting For Catherine To Call
8 Hugh Hefty Travesura
9 The Chelsea Curve Nuthin’ Goin’ On/Jamie C'mon
10 Firebug Change
11 The Darts US Love Tsunami
12 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
13 Kiwi Kannibal Swimmer Boy
14 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
15 Ben Vaughn Wayne Fontana Was Wrong
16 Natalie Jean Blocked
17 Rob Clarke and the Wooltones Love and Haight
18 The Rumble Skulls Ready To Run
19 Peyton Gilliland Devil’s Daughter
20 John Salaway Toxic Lovesick
22 Victoria Eman Hard To Let A Good Thing Go
23 Julie Hallelujah
24 Kikagaku Moyo Meu Mar
25 Toner Dark
26 Pete and Tom on Song Wee Small Hours
27 Ratoon Last on the Beef Chain
28 Mark Rockower We Rolled
29 The Wolfmen Needle In A Camel's Eye
30 Jennifer Mlott Firestorm
31 Torrid (A Love Affair) Don't Brother
32 Aliona Got To Be Stronger
33 Animal Souls Lessons of Love
34 Belle And Sebastian Unnecessary Drama
35 Jay Allen and The Archcriminals Frying Pan Justice
36 Jake Kulak Get Faded (And Go)
37 Maggie Rogers That's Where I Am
38 Kiwi Jr. Night Vision
39 Drool Brothers Yesterdays Future Now
40 The Clams Human Being
41 Gypsy Moths Releivio
42 Josie Cotton Fading Fast
43 David A Coeur D'Alene
45 Samuel Across The Room
46 Nine Mile Station California
47 Sami Cooke I Keep Falling
48 Brooke Scullion That's Rich
49 The Bablers You Are The One For Me
50 Nick Piunti Trying Too Hard
51 No Trigger Antifantasy
52 Aaron Michaels Trust
53 Kurt Deemer Weeds
54 Keith Eastwood Follow The Light
55 Velvet Starlings There's Nobody There
56 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
57 Red Ant Band Sunday Help
58 Rhythm Surf Monkeys Out The Other Side
59 Cindy Lawson I'm Not the Only One
60 BlitZ Rock Show
61 The Julia Set Wild Wood
62 Bob Moses Love Brand New
63 Spoon Wild
64 Donna Dunne No Place Like Home
65 David Brookings Hard Times
66 Hayley & The Crushers Lust To Love
67 The Shang Hi Los Billy
68 Jennie Vee Beatnix Beach
69 Nightspell Phonebooth
70 Mr Wu's Pigs Covid Baby
71 Senseless Optimism Leave You Behind
72 Silver Owls Serpentine
73 Blackmailed & bereft Head Home
74 Star Collector Game Day
75 The Korgis Bringing Back The Spirit of Love